Top 5 Men’s Casual Colognes


There are a variety of colognes out there and are categorized for different times and occasions. The most popular colognes are the casual colognes that are just a compliment to your look. They are not overpowering but just a hint of class and masculinity, giving you a fresh scent that keeps you confident all day. Casual colognes can be used during working hours, after hours of for any occasion. They smells are generally very subtle with less spice involved. Another benefit to the casual cologne is it’s often more simple with less notes which means a great cologne comes with a great price tag. Here are some of the best casual colognes for men on the market today.

Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole BlackA great balance of manly, sweet and bitter that is easy to wear to work and for play. The light scent could be described as nothing more than a natural man scent. For a light cologne, it tends to last longer than many of the other lighter scents. The fragrance notes include a fresh, fruity mixture coupled with a bit of spice and wood notes. In no way is it overpowering, a highly respectable cologne and loved by the ladies.

Chrome Legend by Azzaro for Men

Chrome Legend by Azzaro for MenA popular cologne for young men and known as a great introduction into the world of men’s fragrance. The scent is extremely easy on the senses being subtle with non intrusive notes. Notes include a blend of moss, apple, tea, amber and moss. Fresh and clean, it’s a winner with the young ladies. The scent is modern and best worn in the spring and summer months for it’s dominating notes of freshness.

Lacoste Essential

Lacoste EssentialFor the man who isn’t looking to overpower the scene, this casual cologne is one of the best. It’s unassuming but you still get a subtle hint of clean, classy and fresh. Notes of tangerine and rose blended with wood and herbs makes for a complete balance. This cologne is particularly unique in that it has a time release. It slowly releases the scent so it’s never overpowering. By turning up your body temperature or rubbing your skin, you can refresh the scent. It’s described as fresh, dynamic and energetic.

Higher by Christian Dior

Higher by Christian DiorAs one of the best casual colognes for men, this scent is highly uplifting and energetic. Notes of pear and basil blended with spicy notes create an intoxicating scent. Wearable for any time of day, this scent takes you by surprise. Subtle and gentle for the senses, it is popular in particular with the young and hip.

Kenneth Cole New York

Kenneth Cole New YorkA great day wearing scent for the office yet still acceptable for evening activities. This cologne is one of the best selling for it’s ability to be light and still sexy. Any man can wear this, anywhere. It leaves you with a clean, fresh scent that makes you feel like you just got out of the shower. In no way overpowering and easy on the senses. This cologne is a slightly urban scent with notes of wood, amber, pepper and lavender to name a few.


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