Men’s All Time Famous Scents


Whether it’s cologne or perfume for men, these scents are the most revered and well known brands. They have well proven their worth as being the best perfume or cologne brands for men. There is good reason these cologne brands are famous as they are timeless and classic, often standing the trend times over decades. A scent is a strong reminder of where we came from and the life experiences we have had. The brands that men love have likely enhanced an experience in their life. Perhaps they met a special woman while they wore their favorite cologne or maybe wearing their favorite scent was a source of confidence. Here is the top brands for men’s cologne based on how famous they’ve become.

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Best Cologne for Men Eternity by CKJust as springtime brings memories of childhood due to the floral scents in the air, Eternity for Men brings memories of youth. Whether it’s a woman whose first love wore this distinct cologne or for the man that experienced life to it’s fullest, this cologne is special. It was designed to symbolize the spirit of today’s man. Due to it’s classic scent, it has been a staple for any man through the decades. It is masculine and yet sensitive and is good for all occasions. Refreshing and crisp, it brings out a freshness in everyday life for the one who wears it. Women love this scent and know immediately that its Eternity for Men.

Guilty by Gucci

gucci Guilty For Men reviewOne of the top selling cologne for Men this year, Guilty invokes sensuality and masculinity which drives women wild. Due to it’s high success rate for knocking people off their feet, this cologne is worn by many. It’s easy to wear and smells great on every man that wears it. It is subtle and yet noticeable creating mystery and wearability for any occasion. With essence of cypress coupled with violet and bergamot, there is a distinct blend of notes that is alluring. Other aspects of this cologne are sweet tobacco, jasmine, patchouli and leather. A full gamut of scents that excite.

Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

This cologne is famous for it’s longevity and ability to remain a classic among the decades. For men that are confident and charismatic, this is a must for your collection of fragrances. Masculine, modern and timeless this cologne is wearable for days at the office and sensual moments. Sophisticated and masculine is the indication of the notes involved. Bergamot, lavender with hints of woody tones and apple make this fragrance a delight for the senses.

Acqui Di Gio by Georgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For MenWhat is making this a famous and top selling fragrance for men is the fact women love it so much. It’s gaining notoriety on social networks currently as the great scent women adore. So in the spirit of attraction, this is currently the go to cologne for men. Gaining buzz on website, you think this would be a recently designed cologne but it has been on shelves since the 90’s. While it has always been known for it’s fresh scent and worn by men that know how to live well, it’s morphing into the new sexy cologne for men. It was designed to signify freedom and meant to bring feelings of the Mediterranean when you smell it. Perhaps it’s the feeling of warm sun, fresh wind and ocean in this fragrance that is intoxicating to women.


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