May 2014: Top 10 Deals For Men’s Cologne


Your cologne says a lot about you and your personality, and you don’t want to wear just any brand. With these Top 10 monthly deals for men’s cologne, you can have that fabulous masculine scent that perfectly describes you, without paying a fortune. See which of our famous brands fit you and lifestyle.

Top 10 Best Selling and Most Discounted Men’s Cologne for May
Voyage Cologne by Nautica for Men Colognes

Discount: 71%

Voyage Cologne by Nautica is one of the longest lasting men’s fragrances with a light, breezy scent. It is reminiscent of warm summer days by the water, with just a hint of a fall in the faint scent of apples. This men’s cologne is best suited for a causal day or evening out with friends.

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

Discount: 63%

This cologne has a hint of spice, mixed in with the rich scent of sandal wood and a subtle touch of musk. Light notes of lavender and jasmine help to keep this fragrance from becoming too over powering. A favorite for over 20 years, Davidoff cologne For Men continually manages to impress every one. Try wearing this fragrance on your next romantic evening and see what happens.

Lucky You Cologne by Luck Brand for Men Colognes

Discount: 68%

With its light citrus fragrance this men’s cologne is popular among men of all ages. While it was originally marked for younger men, it is also one of the few types of cologne that will grow with you and your lifestyle through the years. If you are looking for a signature scent, then consider this long lasting men’s cologne.

Usher By Usher For Men

Discount: 65%

Usher For Men fragrance is as unique as you are and can give you a feeling of success and confidence every time you wear it. The warm scent of sandal wood mixes perfectly with the lighter hints of verbena and melon, while lavender, pepper and violet leaves help to tie the fragrance together.

Curve Connect by Liz Claiborne for Men Cologne

Discount: 68%

This causal fragrance is best suited for your relaxing days off, of for a fun night out with a group of friends. Its long lasting scent is never over powering, and the interesting mix of teas, sandal wood, and tobacco flowers give you a hint of the outdoors without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Cologne by Versace for men Colognes

Discount: 30%

This daytime men’s fragrance is perfect for a day at the office or a causal afternoon luncheon. With fragrance notes of lemon, tarragon, musk, rosewood, and sage, this light scented cologne will have you feeling fresh and invigorated all day long.


Thallium for Men by Yves De Sistelle

Discount: 65%

This causal daytime fragrance has a slightly sweeter smell than many of the other men’s colognes, which makes it a perfect choice for business luncheons and even afternoon dates. With scents that include a tart apple base with lavender, white jasmine and pineapple, the patchouli and musk keep you still smelling strong and masculine.

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Cologne

Discount: 59%

With the scent of mandarin and spice, this daytime fragrance can get you through any business negotiation or board meeting with confidence and ease. The more subtle hints of amber and sandal wood provide a soothing undertone to the fragrance and help to give you an air of calmness no matter how stressful your day becomes.

Diesel Plus Plus By Diesel For Men

Discount: 65%

This daytime men’s cologne was created to convey your strength and masculinity. With its rich scent of sandal wood and fougere, you can command everyone’s attention. If you are looking for a men’s fragrance that let’s everyone know who’s in charge, this rich scented cologne may have been designed for you.

Aspen by Coty for Men

Discount: 61%

Even the name of this fragrance makes you think of the outdoors, and the cologne’s scent doesn’t change that. This refreshing fragrance will make you think of ski trails and snow covered forests, while the scent of spices and citrus keep you feeling warm. Best suited for wearing in the daytime, this outdoorsy fragrance will delight the nature lover in you.

With these men’s colognes, you can always smell great without having to pay a fortune. Find which one fits your personality and choose your signature scent from one of our monthly deals.


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