Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome for Young Men


Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome was launched by the famous designer house Loris Azzaro. The fragrance of this fragrance is entwined with fruity flavors that leave a fresh and lasting smell in the body.

In this review, we bring you some of the comprehensive specifications of this perfume for men so that the buyer could have a better understanding.

Special components of this cologne:

  • Cologne fragrance: It is loaded with different fruity ingredients which together makes it a great fragrance. The elements present in the perfume are sweet and smooth and gives a fresh and magical feeling.
  • Lasting Capacity: The smell is sweet and doesn’t leave the individual’s body that quick. It lasts for a long time and is best for an active person.

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Events suited for:

It is equally great for both day and night. If you are an office goer then it great for you, because after the long day at work, when the sweat settles in the body leaving it with the bad odor that is when its sweetness comes into play. It is great for boardroom meetings, office launch and even family outings.

Points to remember

The scent of a particular perfume depends on many factors like, the person’s skin type whether oily or dry, the medications, diet the person takes, the stress level they go through and even the age of the individual. Different body chemistry affects the lasting capacity of the scent on a person’s body.


  • Long lasting
  • Beautiful and refreshing fragrance of fruit
  • Suitable for daily as well as occasional uses
  • Suitable for corporate as well as party events


  • Many men do not like fruity fragrance, as it is too common these days. From that point of view, the product is a little disappointing.
  • Applying it directly on the skin may cause skin rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin. So, keep this fact in mind. However, only 1-2% buyers have complained such issues.

Final verdict

It is great for the matured crowd, but that doesn’t mean it is less desirable for the young crowds. Just a dash of this fragrance can elevate any individual’s mood in no time.

8.0 Recommended
  • Longevity 8.5
  • Projection 7.5
  • Scent 8.5
  • Complexity 7.0
  • Price 8.5
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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