Long Lasting Cologne Reviews: Get the Best From the Rest


Long Lasting CologneCologne is the best-known essential that every man needs to have with them. A good body odor not only helps the individual to smell good but also elevates the confidence. It helps in creating good and long lasting impression on any person around. People don’t seem to give much importance on wearing good smelling cologne but it is important. There are various kinds of cologne available in the market and are pretty famous among the people.

While selecting cologne the most important characteristic that a person looks out for is its longevity. Although there are many kinds of cologne that boosts of proving a long lasting capacity but it is important to know whether the same works or not. So, for the customers who want to buy cologne that lasts for a longer period of time, we bring you some of the best cologne that provides a fragrance that lasts for long. To know more about the same, you need to scroll down to the paragraphs below.

True Religion Drifter Cologne by True Religion

True Religion Drifter Cologne by True Religion, 3.4 OunceThis particular cologne has a mixture of various kinds of smell ranging from pear, fruit cocktail of blackberry, and grapefruit which is complimented with the mix of spice like freshly cut ginger and cardamom. You senses are sure to take a ride once you smell the ingredients such as juniper apricot, burst of calypsone, berry and the voluminous herbaceous mix of rosemary. The fragrance largely contains the mix of sandalwood, vetyver, guaiac wood and the tinge of amber. All these fragrance makes an exclusive blend of mild and strong scent. This irresistible cologne that is sure to lift up the spirit of not only the individual wearing the same but also the person in and around them. It has refreshing scent that will make you want to fall in love with all over again. Not only men but women too love the blend that the cologne contains in itself.


  • The smell of the cologne lasts for a whole day.
  • The smell of the cologne is very good.
  • This is light scented cologne.


  • Some of the customers didn’t like the light scent of the cologne.

Curve by Liz Claiborne for Men

Curve by Liz Claiborne for Men - 4.2 Ounce Cologne SprayThis particular scent is for the people who want to leave a long lasting impression and thanks to the long lasting capacity that the scent has. The scent in whole is a celebration of the fun-filled adventures and excitement that life provides. It is for the people who are young and energetic, who have so much to witness in their life. The ingredients that the cologne has are Juniper Berry, Leaves and Lavender. The mid notes of the fragrance are Bergamot, Cardamon, Ginseng, Cactus, Pepper, finish of Sandalwood, Amber, Mahogany and Vetiver. The name of the cologne itself describes how beautiful the fragrance could be.


  • The cologne smells really good.
  • The fragrance of the cologne is very complementing.


  • Some people had complains regarding the sprayer that came with bottle.

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men Edt Spray

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men Edt Spray 6.7 OzThis particular cologne was introduced in the year 1988. The fragrance is a combination of the sweet and bold smell that every other man wants in cologne. The cologne is loaded with various kinds of scents that are sure to make the person in your life go gaga over you. The top notes of the cologne are Green Note, Coriander, Mint, Rosemary, Sea Breeze, Lavendar, Orange Blossom, Marine and Peppermint. The cologne is also loaded with base notes that consist of Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk, Tobacco, Oakmoss and Amber. It is has also some of the best middle notes that entwines the whole bottle in to an everlasting dream and they are Sandalwood, Jasmine, Geranium, Neroli and Oakmoss. The manufacturer clearly asks the customers to keep one small thing in mind while buying the same it is that the long lasting capacity of the cologne may not be the same for every individual because there are various kinds of factors that rule the same. An individual’s mood, diet, stress level, age and many more of such factors creates a lot of difference in the lasting capacity of a fragrance.


  • The scent of the cologne is not an overpowering one.
  • It is great scent for morning.
  • It provides a sensual feel.
  • It is a long lasting scent.


  • Some of the customers didn’t like the combination of the fragrances.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray for Men

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray for Men - 3.4 Fluid OuncesThis is one of the best known scent that is available in the market and reason which Tommy Hilfiger ranks in the top perfume and cologne manufacturing. It might a new edition in the cologne market but is equally famous for the scent that the same provides. The price of the cologne is pretty cheap, which is not a common sight while buying while you opt for a brand. This particular scent is a great option for the people who want gift the same to their near and dear ones. You can also wear it in different occasions irrespective of the attire you are wearing. Another important feature of this cologne is that the scent that the same provides lasts for quite a long time and doesn’t leave the body too easily. It tends to go away with time leaving behind a mild freshness that you feel when your clothes come home are a laundry. It can easily bring up the spirit in any individual as the cologne has mixture of mild and sweet smell that every individual is sure to love. You can wear it at time of the 24 hours worrying about it being too overpowering.


  • The scent of the cologne is fresh and not overpowering.
  • The price for which it comes is very affordable.
  • The smell lasts for a longer period of time.


  • Some customers didn’t like the look of the bottle.

These were some of most famous and preferred long lasting cologne for men available in the market. But there are many more to choose form depending on the kind of scent that a person loves and the need.


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