Johnson Baby Cologne Review

It’s not just enough for you to smell good, but your child has to smell good too. Why should you neglect the poor kid’s smell? When you go out and you know you and your wife smell great, wouldn’t it be fun to have your baby smelling good too? There aren’t many options out there for children unfortunately. It’s also probably not a good idea to spray adult cologne or perfume on a child. It could be very irritating to them as their senses aren’t like ours. They also might turn out to be allergic. Plus, adult scents don’t suit babies anyway. You choose your own fragrance based on what you like and your personality. How do you know certain cologne fits a baby?

A baby should smell fresh and clean. Who better to do that than Johnson & Johnson’s who make the famous no tears shampoo? They know about babies and how to make them clean and fresh.

Johnson’s Baby cologne by Johnson & Johnson’s is a floral fragrance for babies that was launched in 2003. It is unisex so it works for both baby boys and girls. If you have two babies in the house then this will work for all of them. It’ll make your child smell nice and fresh so that strangers don’t just fall in love with how cute your baby is, but also with how fresh they smell. The citrusy smell will also energize your baby and keep them happy and their spirits up. Your baby won’t get cranky with this light but clean aroma surrounding them. Thanks to the combination of fruity, citrusy, floral, and herbal notes your child will constantly smell clean and fresh. When your family goes out every member of it will smell good.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne Notes

Citruses, fruity notes, floral notes, herbal notes.


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