Review: Sander Cologne by Jil Sander for Men


A man of a fast-paced and modern city lifestyle might just find his fragrance of choice with Sander Cologne by Jil Sander for Men. This Jil Sander perfume for men is easily a favorite with its distinctive contemporary scent which is sourced from the perfect balance among its notes. With its casual, soothing scent, it seems to tone down the busyness and noise that the city life brings. For men who’d like to breeze through this lifestyle, this perfume from Jil Sander is a must-spray.

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Nothing too Fancy

Some men would like to keep it fashionable, yet nothing too fancy. This perfume from Jil Sander’s fragrance line-up is then their perfect match. A subdued, barely there scent—this is what’s in every perfume bottle of Sander Cologne.  It is the spray you need for that icy fresh, “green” scent. The top note consists of Brazilian mint and green ivy leaves, making you imagine what a clean, crisp fragrance it is. Hence, you’re set for a soothing, cooling smell and feel in every spray.

The signature fragrance of this perfume is sourced from its notes with rather exceptional combination. But trust Jil Sander to work wonders on fragrances. This perfume does bear a fashion statement of being a minimalist—but the type that never fails to stand out. It is then perhaps the layering of notes which gives Sander Cologne a subdued, but never bland scent. Simply put, the fresh note layers into the spicy note, then to the woody note.

The middle note is prominently graced by cardamom, coriander, and pepper. These account for the spicy scent which fuses with the initial fresh scent, kicking off a pleasantly stinging aroma. It both soothes and excites the wearer, and everyone else who gets a whiff of the perfume. The base note, on the other hand, makes this perfume even more impressive. Cypress, cedar, myrrh, and frankincense—they are a rich, but rather unusual combination. Yet, they form one note which gives that woody (very sexy and very masculine) tinge of Sander Cologne. As the dry down completes, this Jil Sander perfume exudes its signature fresh, sexy scent.

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A Universal Appeal

While this men’s perfume is predominantly fresh, the rather unusual, but perfectly balanced combination of its perfume materials adds richness and character to every spray. The fragrance is understated—but with an appeal that is never to be underestimated. It has what may be considered as a universal appeal—being pleasant and relatively simple, that even those who are rather discerning and sensitive to fragrances are set to love it.

It exudes a laidback vibe, hence, making it fitting for casual day wear. It may also be worn though at night when you’re in the mood for some club groovin’. This Jil Sanders perfume has made quite a fanbase among young adults or young professionals, but definitely a must-spray for those who would like to feel young at heart. With the fragrance considered as subdued, the same may be said on its longevity and sillage which rate as moderate or average. However, in its entirety, plus “value for money” price tag, this perfume is definitely a smart choice.

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Sander Cologne by Jil Sander for Men Cologne has a universal appeal with is fresh (crisp and clean) scent. It has layers of notes though which add richness to the scent, making it not just fresh, but also spicy and woody—fitting for casual wear. It’s a universally appealing fragrance with a value for money price tag.


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