Jaguar Classic Cologne Review

Jaguar cologne for men by Jaguar is a wonderful citrusy fragrance that has been around since 2002. Ferrari isn’t the only brand well known for its cars to make scintillating perfumes as Jaguar joins this race too. They are different in the kind of cologne they make just like they are when it comes to cars. Ferrari makes sports and racing cars while Jaguar makes elegant and classy yet everyday cars. Ferrari colognes are more towards the sports end of the spectrum while Jaguar colognes aim for classy and elegant just like their cars.

Jaguar cologne for men by Jaguar is mainly for day use. It has a mainly citrusy scent to it thanks to its notes of orange, mandarin orange, bergamot, juniper berries, lavender, and star anise. It also has notes of ginger, lotus, and orange blossom. Its base notes are a little deeper and are benzoin, white musk, and sandalwood. As you can see the predominating notes are citrusy ones. This makes it more suited for day use. When it comes to seasons it’s best for spring and summer. Like most citrusy fragrances it’s not well suited for the winter and nighttime. It’s still pretty versatile though so it wouldn’t be too strange if you wore it at night on a nice outing or a date. It has average longevity. It lasts about 5 hours so it probably won’t get you through a full workday. You may want to pack it with you and reapply every 5-7 hours. Its projection is average as well. Not everyone in the room will smell you, but those who do will definitely enjoy your aroma and compliment you.

People love the way this smells. It’s citrusy and fresh, but at the same time elegant and not too generic. This could be your daily scent during the warmer months of the year and even the colder ones of you can pull it off and like it so much. The design of the bottle is elegant as it has a silver frame and the glass itself has a blue tinge. When it comes to price this costs about 20$ which can’t be considered expensive. It’s worth a try.

Jaguar Cologne for Men by Jaguar Notes

Top notes: orange, bergamot, mandarin orange, juniper berries, lavender, star anise
Middle notes: ginger, lotus, orange blossom
Base notes: sandalwood, benzoin, white musk


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