Issey Miyake Cologne Review

Let us face it, majority of men are not so much drawn into anything fashion, not to mention colognes or perfumes. However, those who really understand that the way they appear outwards determines how they are treated by others take personal grooming seriously, and body scent goes hand-in-hand with it. The cologne you wear can complement or mess up your outfit, and with that said, you should never afford to walk out without one. Issey Miyake Cologne is not an ordinary cologne for men. It speaks class, sophistication, own-league, first lane, high-end, just to name a few. The purely masculine cologne boasts a fresh, unique, and striking scent, an aroma that evokes a sense of eternal freedom and serenity. Buyers seem blown away by its scent, with one buyer describing it as the real deal. The ladies love it and think it makes a perfect gift for their man.

Issey Miyake Cologne Description

Issey Miyake Cologne was formulated by Jacques Cavallier in 1994. This woody aquatic fragrance for men is made using rare materials so as to bring out the most unique and sweet scent. The cologne is a classic, a favorite to many then and now thanks to the perfect balance in contrast and minimalism. What makes this cologne different is the fact that women seem to love it in equal measure as men. It is an excellent gift for a man and a scent that the ladies love to smell. The Issey Miyake Cologne’s bottle is simplistic and one might be tempted to think it is uninspired. However, the rectangular-shaped bottle made of frosted glass portrays a simple but classy and sophisticated overall look. It has a slate-gray cap which complements the rest of its design.

Issey Miyake Cologne Notes

Top Notes: Lotus, Freesia, Rose Water, Cyclamen
Middle Notes: Fresh Peonies, Carnation, White Lilies
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, Tuberose, Amberseed, Osmanthos

When to Wear Issey Miyake Cologne

This is the scent you would want to grace during summer. Its longevity of 12 hours makes it perfect for day wear or social night events. This being a versatile scent is also ideal for that date, intimate event, or any night errand. This cologne has a subtly seductive mature smell and can be worn anytime of the year. The classic scent will struggle if worn to work. It will portray a laid-back vibe. Apply it on the base of your throat, under the ear, or on your wrists. If you are the kind of person that has a dry skin then do not be scared to apply a little extra of the cologne on your skin since it does not rub easily on dry skin.


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