The Mesmerizing Scent Of Hypnose Homme Cologne


Pros: good longevity, moderate projection, warm, spicy fragrance, refreshing scent

Cons: May smell too feminine for some men, the different notes do not blend well in warmer temperatures

Uses: Men of all ages, casual occasions, colder weather


This fresh and masculine cologne is ideal for warm evenings by the fire. It has a refreshing fragrance that is perfect for casual occasions that is also mixed with a hint of Oriental spices for a touch of exciting mystery. Hypnose for Men is based on the design house’s original perfume for women, which quickly became a scent that men also loved. While it is a more masculine fragrance with the sensual musk and amber notes, the feminine origins of the cologne are still recognizable.

Hypnôse Homme Lancome for men ReviewOur Review of Hypnose Homme Cologne by Lancôme

This mysterious and aromatic men’s cologne was created by Maurice Roucel. Released in 2007, it is one of the best men’s colognes for winter. It is a warm and slightly exotic fragrance that has even been endorsed by Clive Owen. The cologne is best for younger men and casual occasions, and is a refreshing change from some of the season’s heavier fragrances.

Fragrance Notes

The top notes of this top rated men’s cologne are the refreshing scent of mint mingled with relaxing hints of bergamot and mandarin. The spicier notes of cardamom are also blended with the clear top notes to give it a little more complexity than other winter fragrances. The heart of the cologne is lavender from the South of France which is boldly mixed with almond and notes of Oriental spices. Continuing with the sensual and alluring scents from the Far East are the base notes of patchouli, musk and amber.

The Scent

The refreshing mint is eye opening and breath taking, though it is quickly mingled with the softer top notes. The lavender and pungent scent of patchouli are softened with the warmer notes of amber. The occasional whisper of spices keeps the cologne interesting, but it is the aromatic scent of patchouli that stays throughout the day.

The Appearance

The men’s winter cologne is designed to compliment Lancôme’s feminine version, and the beautiful glass bottle is a work of art. The geometrically shaped decanter is sleek, elegant, and modern, and will make a beautiful addition to any man’s cologne collection. The slick black cap is also designed to compliment the bottle’s appearance while still being fully functioning.

Best Uses

Hypnôse Homme Lancome for menThis cologne can be worn by younger and older men, and it is best suited for the fall and winter months. Though the cologne may be a little too light and fresh scent for some older men, it is still a great fragrance for casual weekends. While some guys may choose to wear it year round, it should be noted that it can change its fragrance in hotter weather.


While the House of Lancome has never been priced cheaply, the longevity and refreshing and aromatic scent of this men’s colognes makes it worth its higher price tag. It will last through the winter season, and its long lasting scent makes it unnecessary to reapply the cologne throughout the day. It is one of the best men’s colognes for men who want to wear one of the top rated fragrances for winter without having to pay a small fortune.


Hypnose cologne for men is a welcome change from the heavier musk and patchouli fragrances for winter without being too feminine. The refreshing scent of mint mingled with citrus and spicy notes is mixed with patchouli and amber for a clean masculine fragrance. It is the best winter cologne for men who want something lighter and a little different.

Troy Williams (perfume tester)

I thought that the mint and citrus might be a little too overpowering, and did not always blend well with the patchouli. With that being said, it is still a nice men’s cologne for afternoons and weekends. I don’t think that it is appropriate for the office, nor is a warm enough for a romantic evening. While it might not be perfect for all men, I do plan to wear it next weekend when I’m lounging around at home.

Hypnôse Homme Lancome for men Rating

6.8 Recommended
  • SCENT 6.5
  • PRICE 6.5
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