How To Know Which Cologne To Wear


Once you have finally found a men’s cologne that smells great, you probably don’t see any reason to switch to another fragrance. Your signature scent fits your lifestyle, and keeps you smelling confidently fresh all day. Why would you even consider changing now? Even though there isn’t a rule that says you can’t wear your favorite scent every day, there are some benefits to knowing which cologne you should wear and what it is best suited for.

Change Your Fragrance with the Seasons

four_seasons_by_nalmesHeat, humidity, and cold temperatures can all affect the scent of your favorite fragrance. Warmer weather and body temperatures can make scents stronger, while the colder temperatures in fall and winter will cause fragrances to quickly fade. Added to this is the fact that some fragrances simply do not fit the season.

Warm summer days are normally filled with outdoor activities, and a strong scented cologne simply smells out of place. Instead consider choosing one with a light citrus base, or one that reminds you of cool ocean breezes. Nautica Voyage by Nautica is perfect for warmer weather. Its light, airy fragrance is fresh and clean, and won’t become overpowering even as the day warms up. Another summertime favorite is Cool Water by Davidoff. Its clean scent will have you feeling cool and fresh all day no matter how hot it gets.

As the weather turns colder men might want to consider switching to a heavier scent that won’t dissipate so quickly. The drop in temperatures also is the perfect time to begin wearing heavier scents. Men’s colognes that contain hints of spices, musk, or are woodsy are ideal for colder days and nights curled up by the fire. Cologne’s like Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum were created for the brisk fall days. With hints of amber and mahogany mixed with the crisper scent of green almonds and Italian lime, its warm, rich scent is a perfect complement to the colder weather.

Changing from Day to Night

day-and-nightDifferent occasions and even the time of day, can all affect your choice of the best men’s cologne to wear. Lighter scents are better suited for the office, while the darker, more sensual fragrances should probably be reserved for the evening. While you don’t have to wear a light, summery cologne during the office hours, choosing to wear a strong smelling fragrance is probably not ideal for long business meetings. A light, masculine scent that gives you a confident and professional smell is Eternity by Calvin Klein. Not only is it a classic and masculine fragrance, it can also carry you over into the evening.

For nights out in smoky bars the spicy scent of Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir is a perfect choice. Its stronger fragrance won’t get lost in a crowd, and its seductive scent is sure to impress your date. When you are trying to find the best cologne for evening, remember you want it to have a stronger fragrance. While you don’t want your scent to compete with the others, you also don’t want it to become lost among all of the other aromas.

Enjoy Changing Your Cologne

Even though there are plenty of best smelling men’s colognes that can work perfectly fine as your signature scent, there are plenty of advantages to switching according to the different seasons, and the time of day. Not only can temperatures affect the way your favorite cologne smells, some are simply not suited for certain occasions. Just like wearing the appropriate clothes can increase your confidence and even sex appeal, the same is true for the cologne you wear.

Have fun adding to your collection, and don’t forget to take advantage of the free cologne samples. It is an inexpensive way to find the best men’s fragrances for the occasion.


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