How to choose a perfume that suits you?


How to choose a perfume that suits you

Selecting a perfume for yourself can be pretty tough; you might want to choose something that defines you. Might be, that you want something that will become your signature smell, one that suits your personality and stays long enough to become a part of your psyche. If you are actually looking for something that will fetch you compliments yet will not become too overbearing for others to take for too long and finally if you want to have a fragrance that will linger after you have left and will remind people of your presence then you probably have come to the right page.

Because here it is endeavored to make you find a solution to all your questions regarding the matter of selecting a perfume befitting your personality, occupation, age and status.

Many a times we have seen a young guy smelling like a grandfather or it might have happened to you that you have turned back to find your friend because you have smelled a sporty young fragrance only to find your father standing behind you. Or it is sure to have happened to you that you have worn your work fragrance to an evening party and found yourself much alienated due to the presence of warm, formal fragrances around.

Regarding women many a times it has happened to them that ended up smelling like a man or a flower garden. Perfumes should always be divided distinctly into three divisions which gives it multi layered character a top, a heart and a back note.

fragrance pyramidTop notes– It is what the smell of the perfume will look like after immediate application. It strikes your nose on the first instance and then evaporates very fast leaving just a trail.

Middle notes– This one emerges as the upper layer evaporates and it makes up major part of the scent.

Base notes– They generally made of a richer ingredient that stays and settles. They are not easily detected unless you have been wearing the scent for more that 20-30 minutes. This note provides depth and it backs up the middle note to create a characteristic theme of the all fragrance.

The whole point of wearing a fragrance is that it should complement your personality and age and also you need to take care of the fact where exactly you are going at what time and occasion.

Always remember your perfume should your personal choice borrowing somebody else’s or trying what your friends are suggesting you might not work out. For that you need to give time and patience.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a perfume

It is always good to go physically shopping for your perfume than buying it online, if you trying something new. This is because the ingredients that are written on the product details might not be of the actual blend that you are hoping it is supposed to be.

Also trying it on your skin and not a paper panel is the best option. This is due to the fact that fragrances vary according to skin textures and blood flow. Fragrances tend to last long on oily skin so people with dry skin need to buy something that has a more concentrated scent. And if you have sensitive skin it is better to steer clear away from alcohol based perfumes and colognes.

Also when you are trying a perfume don’t try too many in one go. Wear one spend for at least 15-20 minutes so that the perfume settles in your skin and you ar being able to figure distinctly all the layers and you like the residual smell which is the actual smell of the perfume that is going to stay with you all day.

Make sure you have sprayed the perfume on your pulse points such as the side of the throat, the wrist, back of your elbows or behind the ears. This is because the smell regulates throughout your body according to your pulse and the perfume adapts to your body temperament following your blood flow.

The perfume needs to be given time to warm up according to your body temperature so that it merges with your natural notes and doesn’t stay as a superficial layering.

Types of fragrances

Fragrance WheelWood These are forest and musky scents of deeper consistency. They are found in masculine fragrances in ladies perfumes they are incorporated to provide an intense base note. They are generally formed of sandalwood, cedar, moss, pine and sometimes patchouli.

Oceanic- These are very clean fragrances that give you a fresh beachside energized feel. These give you a very cooling effect because it’s main constituents citrus and spices

Green- These are also categorized under fresh fragrances. They generally remind you of open spaces and cool green fields. Hints of crushed leaves and cut grasses are found in fragrances of fresh category.

Chypre- These are also very earthy woodsy perfumes but with a hint of sweet floral, oak and citrus. Found in female scents as a substitute of wood.

OrientalThese are for the adventurous and fragrance connoisseurs who look for exotic fragrances and have a love to go places themselves. They are very bold and rich and generally contain amber, vanilla and exotic spices. These make up heavier fragrances meant for night time wear.

Floral- As the name suggests it is this gives a floral accent to the scent they comprise of a wide range flowery smells like lily, tuberose, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, cherry blossom, gardenia etc. These are used in both male and female perfumes.

Different fragrances for different personalities

Elegant– your days might be packed up with meetings and conferences but you are invited to some high profile white collar parties during the nights and weekends. Then you need a fragrance that suits the gravity of your position. Oriental is the right choice for you the rich and deep fragrances are perfect for evening wear and formal occasions.

Regular college goer- Floral is the scent for you girl who is bright and peppy, also you can try fresh recommended both for a guy and a girl. Oceanic is also a nice smell if you are one of those wayfarers.

Sporty and outdoorsy- Citrus is the right type for you because the citric smell is the right guard for a sportsman’s sweat. Also certain the lemon extracts works well on the bacteria formation of the perspiration. There are several unisex perfumes on the fresh and citrus category that can work well on both male and female sportsters.

The Matured Man/Woman- For men musk and oriental is the perfume and for women floral and orient. In case of floral women should go for lily, jasmine and tuberoses also plum is very good matured smell while peach, lavender these should be left for the younger women. Men should try cinnamon, wood moss, cedar, leather and sandalwood as a guide to select their fragrance.

Hope this earnest endeavor to bring out some light on the extremely confusing and tough task of selecting a perfume suiting ones taste, personality and age was helpful. Know yourself, don’t try to copy others and there you have done half of the job of choosing your own fragrance.


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