Hot Water by Davidoff : Fragrance for Young/Teenage Men


Hot Water by Davidoff is kind of oriental spicy fragrance arrived in market on September, 2009.


The bottle of the Hot Water is pretty much different than the earlier product of Davidoff, The Cool Water. We find a little more design in it in the side. As the name, the color of the bottle is electric red. The excellent sprayer stays safe with the plastic cap on it. In short, the presentation reflects the product completely.

Top Notes

Top notes feature absinth and red basil, a heart introduces hot accords of pimento and patchouli, while a base encompasses Styr ax and benzoin. The falcons are very appealing, colored in dark red.

Age Recommendation:

Basically anyone can wear this from younger age to older. But it is recommended for college kids, teenagers etc.

Hot Water by Davidoff

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The feeling:

It should be sprayed not more or less 5 places in your whole body. The starting feeling would surprise anyone who thinks of it as a heavy fragrance. At the first an aromatic flavor will surround with you. There is a sweetness and fruitiness at the start. At the mid one will easily smell linearly as the start. There is a little bit smokiness at the mid also. Basically the feelings do not change much from top to mid. There will be a fruity sweetness all over you. Though the name implies hot water but it isn’t that spicy or bold. It’s a mixture of sweet and spicy feelings.

Where to wear

The spicy scent that stays longer on your skin gives a great feel even after a tiring day.
This of course smells great on a cold rainy day, but I tried it on a sunny day and found equally fun.

The oriental spiciness and benzoin and a hint of basil makes it a real hero. So it is basically a night time fragrance. It is more casual and outing type fragrance.

Longevity & Seasons

It got fair longevity but not so long. But the sweetness stays longer. Basically It is a spring and fall type fragrance. But one can also wear it in winter.

So for a teenager or school or college kids it is a must try fragrance. And for a collection it should be on the list.


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