Why Women Love Guess Seductive On Men


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Guess Seductive Men was launched by the famous designer house Guess in the year 2011. The fragrance in this bottle is laced with Patchouli, Skin Musk, Amber wood, Crinkled Violet Leaves, Cardamom Milk, Smooth Sandalwood, Mandarin Pulp, Vanilla Orchid, Vetiver and Pink Pepper. The sensuous compulsion in this fragrance makes it immensely popular among men.

Here are certain insightful specifications of this man’s spray, so that the potential purchaser could get a thorough apprehension before a likely buy:

Special components of this cologne:

  • Cologne fragrance: Its distinct scents are mandarin pulp, cardamom milk and pink pepper. But the background smells are that of smooth sandalwood, vanilla orchid, skin musk, patchouli, crinkled violet leaves accompanied by the aroma of amber wood and vetiver. It is a very sumptuous and intense smelling perfume.
  • Lasting Capacity: The fragrance is very sensuous and sexy and leaves room for imagination. It last for a long time, say about more than 10 hours and gradually leaves the body and the clothing.

Events suited for:

It is best recommended to wear on casual attire, both during the day and night. The scent is seductive in nature and is great for dates. Your women will love the fragrance and it will leave her at awe. You can wear it on everyday purpose to your work and to any function.

Points to remember:

The fragrance of a specific scent relies on upon numerous constituents like, the person’s skin sort whether slick or dry, slim down the individual takes, the anxiety level they experience and even the emotional episodes. Such body science may influence the durable limit of the fragrance on a man’s body and even the blend of the mixture the scent has.

Down point:

If you are a person who loves a rough masculine whiff then this smell might be disappointment for you. The scent is excessively sweet and strong with a feminine touch but is very seductive.

Final verdict:

It is great fragrance for the man who likes magnetic scent. Women love this fragrance and would prefer it on their partner. Needless to say, the long lasting capacity of this fragrance makes it excessively popular among both men and women. If you constantly worry about the perfect kind of age for this product it is very viable for men of any age group.

8.7 Awesome
  • Longevity 9.5
  • Projection 9.0
  • Scent 9.5
  • Complexity 7.0
  • Price 8.5
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