Guess Man Cologne Review

When you buy Guess you’re usually expecting a really good and high quality product. Unfortunately Guess did not achieve the high standards they set for themselves through the Guess Man Cologne by Guess. The fragrance has received mostly negative reviews and rightly so. It may be one for your taste though since people have different tastes especially when it comes to perfumes. The cologne is definitely masculine. We’ll give it that and no one can say it’s not. It achieves this masculinity despite smelling sweet as well and even fruity which isn’t an easy combination to achieve. When you first spray it the fragrance smell good but after a while the scent just gets worse that some users have even stated that they had to wash it off. The problem with it is that it smells to synthetic. Perhaps if it kept its fresh smell longer it would be a much better option. It doesn’t stay long either and is short lasting.

Guess Man Cologne is more suited for wear during the spring. Considering its sweet and fruity smell it’s also more suited during the day and not something you’d wear on a night out. It’s fair to say that its target audience is a young one. Those who are still new to colognes and are trying to figure out what they like may enjoy this. Older men probably won’t like it as they’ll enjoy something a bit deeper and less synthetic. It’s not that it’s an unpleasant smell, it’s nice actually but there’s nothing unique about it that makes it stand out from its competition. Considering it costs about 15$ it could serve as a nice present to a young man, but probably not to anyone over 25. Youth will find it sweet and refreshing giving them the energy to run about and go through their crazy days. Let’s not call it a bad fragrance because it’s really not. It has a decent aroma and scent to it, but you may want to look at similar products that may work better for you. Don’t rule it out completely though and at 15$ you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Guess Man Cologne Notes

Top notes: wormwood
Middle notes: nutmeg, ginger, lavender, white pepper
Base notes: sandalwood, Peru balsam, suede, fir, amber, musk

Guess Man by Guess for Men - 2.5 Ounce EDT Spray
List Price: $45.00
Price: $14.50
You Save: $30.50
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