Gucci Pour Homme Cologne


Gucci Pour Homme Cologne by Gucci, Gucci pour homme is a mixture of timeless classic and modern. Gucci pour Homme follows in the footsteps of Gucci eau de parfum for women.It’s the essence of Gucci man, ment for a gentleman that’s mature and self-confident, well-dressed in refined, expensive tailored suit (a tie is a must, of course). The composition relies on the warm notes of spices, woods and amber. It was created by Michel Almairac in 2003.


Its square bottle is heavy with an elegant square cap. The color of the juice promises a warm and spicy experience.


The top notes is a blend of white pepper, ginger, pink bay. With the middle notes of papyrus wood, orris rhizome and the base notes are amber, leather, vetiver, olibanum.

The feeling:

Gucci Pour Homme would be a surprise to anyone. There’s nothing boring or conventional about this fragrance at all. It’s a very unique scent, beautifully spicy with a gorgeous pepper dry-down that retains hints of smoky incense, wood and citrus. Why Gucci has decided to discontinue such a gorgeous, masculine, spicy, exciting, modern and fresh smelling fragrance is a complete mystery.

Gucci Pour Homme, a classic scent that spells sophistication from the spicy opening, transporting the senses to the italian riviera – rolling hills of wild herbs, blood orange, fields of wild lavender, artemisia, wild ginger, rare spices, lifting beautifully into the lubb, the core, the warm heart of sweet geranium, woody cedar and patchouli, settling into a manly maqam of vetiver, incense, bourbon vanilla and exquisite amber… this is the scent where you discover a new nuance each time you put it on. always exciting always enriching. a one of a kind scent that can be worn by all, but savoured and appreciated only by the select few… who knows what it means. Exhilarating, aphrodisiacal, spiritual and enchanting. suitable for making love under the tree on a balmy day and for prayerful solitude… deep meditation…


Longevity is average and the dry down is amazing. The sillage would get 8/10.

Where to wear:

This perfume can be of any use office or friendly environment.


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