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There are some men’s fragrances that stand out from the others, and Gucci Guilty For Men is a sensual step above the rest. It is a young and energetic men’s cologne that has also managed to capture his sensual allure and excitement. It is a cologne that commands attention and will attract women with its provocative and sensual fragrance.

What sets Gucci Guilty for Men Apart from the Rest?

As you are trying to figure out what sets this cologne apart from other men’s fragrances dab a little on your wrist and soon you will see what everyone is talking about. The first notes of the cologne are refreshing, invigorating, and even a little sweet. The fragrance opens with the intense notes of mandarin, lemony citrus, and fresh lavender. With the refreshing top notes, you will also catch a scent of crushed green leaves. The energetic middle notes are what give the cologne its appeal among younger, self assured men. Finally the bold and spicy hint of pink pepper ties all of the scents together, and makes it an irresistible combination for the ladies.

Gucci’s Personal Touch

While we love the spicy scent of the pink pepper, blended with the other aromatic notes. We paid particular attention to the woodsy scent that is the base of this men’s cologne. Gucci is known for their sensual mingling of amber, cedar and sandalwood which all fit perfectly in the cologne. For a little personal touch, we found that the trademark scent of patchouli was the perfect note to end the fragrance one.

A Little Goes a Long Way

You will love the way Gucci Guilty for men makes you feel, and how it can help boost your confidence at work and play. The woodsy, provocative fragrance can last through a long day and work, and even carry you over into the evening. You will love how the subtle fragrance never seems over powering, and we loved the fact that it makes people want to get closer to us.

gucci Guilty For Men review

The Look is Pure Gucci

Gucci Guilty For Men By GUCCI Eau De Toilette Spray is available in 30 and 50 ml bottles that are elegant and beautifully designed. The beautiful bottle will stand out in any men’s fragrance collection, and of course it includes the interlocking “G” that is the signature of the exclusive Gucci line. The glass and metal bottle is both modern and classic, and features a clear top that lets you see inside the bottle.

Something for Men to Consider

Gucci Guilty for men is a strong and sensual cologne that often appeals to younger men with its energetic middle notes. While this doesn’t distract from the cologne’s appeal, it is something to consider if you are looking for a men’s cologne that is a little less provocative. The top notes of lavender might also make some men believe that this is not the right scent for them, since it can seem a little sweet in small, enclosed spaces.

What Men and Women Are Saying about Gucci Guilty

Here’s what men, and women are saying about this cologne for men.

  • ” This is the perfect cologne for my first office job. It is light enough that I don’t overpower my co-workers, while still giving me the confidence to work beside men who are twice my age.”

Robert J. Gorenson, Chicago

  • ” Even though I have moved on to more complex fragrances, I still keep a bottle of Gucci Guilty in my cologne collection. It’s light fragrance still works great for lazy afternoons with my wife, and its scent reminds me of great times when I was younger. I highly recommend this cologne to any guy who is looking for a good starter cologne.”

Michal Martinez, Grand Rapids

  • ” I’m not usually a fan of sweet smelling colognes on men, but I must admit that I love the way my husband smells when he wears Guilty. It’s not too strong, and it doesn’t have the strong chemical smell that you get from a lot of the lighter fragrances. While, I will always prefer the darker men’s cologne’s this one isn’t bad.”

Anna Sorenski, Charlottesville

Where to Buy?

Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce
List Price: $48.30
Price: $48.30
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Gucci Guilty For Men Rating

7.3 Awesome
  • Longevity 7
  • Projection 8
  • Scent 7
  • Complexity 7.5
  • Price 7
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