Gucci Guilty For Men By GUCCI Review

Gucci Guilty For Men is one of the latest colognes that has captured the hearts and senses not only of the men who use it, but also of the women who smell it on them. Some men say that it’s just too sweet to be masculine. The thing is, it’s actually a cologne for men that’s designed to attract women. Think of it as your modern-day version of love potion.

What sets Gucci Guilty for Men apart from the rest?

Dab a little on your skin and you’ll immediately notice that soothing herbal scent of lavender and coriander. Let it rest for a while and you’ll smell that unmistakable orange flower aroma. You’ll also smell patchouli lingering in the air. It’s a unique combination of herbs, flora and earthy scents that’s sure to set your ladylove on fire. Users like me attest to its long-lasting scent. It stays on me from the time I wear it in the morning until I come home at night.

Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce

One more thing I love about it is that it doesn’t have an overpowering smell so I can use it everyday. Gucci Guilty for Men comes in a sturdy bottle embedded with the company’s logo. It’s available in 30 ml and 50 ml bottles.