Where to Find Free Cologne Samples for Men


In a world where fashion is palpable not only for women and trends become the main epitome of sophistication, men of today also become as trendy and as fashionable as most women are. True enough, one of the determining factors of an acceptable fashion sense is a good taste of cologne. However, it can be disappointing to note that just as you unveil the prowess of the cologne you bought somewhere, you soon realize that it is not the scent that complements your style.

What’s makes it even more disappointing is that you are left with only two dire consequences: either you painstakingly consume the content of the cologne you just bought or you simply have to reject that. Whatever your choice is, it doesn’t deny the fact that you have already wasted a great deal of money for a cologne you wouldn’t want in the first place. On the lighter sense, it teaches you the value of being keen enough in picking colognes the next time before you hand down your precious dollars. That is why these days, lots and lots of free cologne samples for men have emerged in order to give the satisfaction you deserve. So the question is— where do we usually find free cologne samples for men like you or your special someone?


If you are a hardcore netizen, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Great perfume creators usually dish out free cologne samples as a way of introducing new creations. This also serves as one of their marketing strategies—give out free samples and earn as many likers as possible. Normally, colognes manufactured by Hugo, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Lacoste and many big names advertise free cologne samples and they have them posted on their official websites. However, they usually run out immediately as they only have limited stocks so you should be quick enough to fill out the form in requesting one.

Department Stores

What’s a better way of launching new colognes than in a crowded place? The moment you step into the department store, observe if there are any free samples available for men on cologne stands. They should be around the corner. Normally, if you see quite a few people gathering around a stall, then that might just be a sign.


Check the boutiques of your favorite cologne brands every now and then. Verify if they have any newly launched items or if they are giving out free samples for that matter. More often than not, free cologne samples are advertised on their respective cologne outlets.

Choosing the right brand of perfume for you is not that difficult to handle as long as you have the eyes and resources to look for free samples. It is a much better way of not letting yourself down the moment you get a glimpse of the cologne you think has the potential to suit your style. Be keen enough to search for free samples by doing some research online. A little window shopping won’t hurt as well. Rather than getting the possibility of purchasing something not worthy in the long run, it’s more convenient to earn yourself some sample first. After all, the best colognes in town especially for a sophisticated man are worth all the effort and research.


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