Ferrari Red Cologne Review

When we think Ferrari we think fast cars, and when we think fast cars we think Ferrari. Something else associated with Ferrari is the color red. We’ve all dreamed and fantasized about having a red Ferrari one day. Well now you can, well sort of. Ferrari fragrances have come a long way and one of their products that stand out the most is Ferrari Red cologne for men.

This scent isn’t unique or extraordinary. You can’t say it’s one of those products that will have everyone asking you what you’re wearing and where you got it from. Nonetheless it does the trick and will make you smell nice. It’ll even get you a bunch of compliments. Having been around since 1996 (over 20 years) the cologne is still going strong.

Ferrari Red has a unique masculine combination. It combines citruses such as orange with masculine notes such as sandalwood and musk. It even has vanilla and jasmine notes along with several others. This combination of multiple notes doesn’t really let it stand out, but provides you with a nice aroma overall. You’ll feel fresh thanks to the orange notes while the deeper and darker notes will make you feel confident and ready to take on anything.

The notes present make it a great scent for any occasion. It’s suitable to be worn to work and during the day as well as at night at a fancy restaurant with your girlfriend or wife. Basically, if you like this fragrance and enjoy having it on you then you can make it your signature scent.

If you want to make it your signature scent though, you’re going to have to put in a little effort because the longevity isn’t that great. You’re going to have to spray it on a couple of times a day in order to keep the smell alive or else it’ll become a skin scent and the only person who will smell it besides you is your significant other when you hug or kiss. For under 30$ Ferrari Red isn’t expensive. It’s worth a try for a perfume that may end up being something you wear almost all the time.

Ferrari Red Cologne Notes

Top notes: orange, bergamot, spearmint, verbena, petitgrain, galbanum
Middle notes: jasmine, geranium, orris, nutmeg
Base notes: cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, moss


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