Fahrenheit Perfume for Men by Christian Dior Review


Fashion House Christian Dior had perfectly captured the scent of potent, raw masculinity, and put it in every bottle of Fahrenheit for every man to don, and for every woman to get rave about. Fahrenheit perfume is the fragrance for men. It is the epitome of masculine sensuality, drawing infinite testimonies at how a whiff can drive women wild.

Dark and Piercing

Fahrenheit places as a woody floral musk in the fragrance spectrum. The notes in this perfume are what you’d encounter in other fragrances in the same category. Don’t be quick to judge though—this perfume from Christian Dior exemplifies why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The distinctive scent of Fahrenheit is leathery. A whiff seems to assault the senses, but pleasantly so. This perfume has that dark, piercing vibe which makes every woman think what an elusive, mysterious man the wearer of this perfume is.

The top notes of this perfume include bergamot, cedar, chamomile, hawthorn, lavender, lemon, mandarin orange, and nutmeg flower. These brings the floral into Fahrenheit—but very subtle at that. From this array, what may be sorted though are only the hints of hawthorn and lavender.

The middle notes, however, are what may be credited for that masculine fragrance. On this layer are carnation, cedar, honeysuckle, jasmine, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and violet leaf. The sandalwood is particularly identifiable—it accounts for the woody note as the fragrance transitions from floral to woody.

It is the base notes, however, which strengthens and levels the predominantly leathery fragrance of Fahrenheit perfume. Amber, leather, musk, patchouli, tonka bean, and vetiver complete this fragrance concoction of Christian Dior. The base notes also account for the persistence of the perfume which has a longevity that lasts from day to night.

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Rugged to Dignified and Every Man in Between

The initial spray of this perfume may come out as too strong to some people. However, the dry down allows the notes to settle and blend well on the skin. The fragrance never seems to tone down, but it’s not what you’d describe as overpowering—dominating is just more fitting. This adds that heavily masculine aura to Fahrenheit. And dominate it does as the wearer walks into the room or breeze through just any place, as it has quite a strong sillage. More probably than not, women won’t be able to help themselves from crossing the distance, and be more than willing to be drawn closer to you—all for the whiff of that sexy, masculine fragrance of you and Fahrenheit combined. Its dark, heavy fragrance, this perfume renders it suitable for night wear and the colder seasons such as winter.

With Fahrenheit perfume the ultimate olfactic representation of masculinity, it is bound to vividly paint the varied images of men—even feed the fantasies of women. A cowboy with his iconic hat and leather boots to the man in his suit (and everyone in between)—Fahrenheit is certainly for every man. Years into the market, and its appeal still doesn’t falter, this perfume might just be considered a classic already.

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FAHRENHEIT for Men by CHRISTIAN DIOR Eau de Toilette Spray exudes masculinity with its predominantly leathery scent. It is sexy and dominating (in terms of scent, longevity, and sillage), guaranteed to make its wearer an attention grabber of every woman in the room. It is priced at a premium, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cost.


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