Let’s Talk About Expensive Perfumes for Men


It’s a matter of science and a proven fact that a scent is a large part of initial attraction between the opposite sex.  Women are very attached to the scent of a man and it just so happens that men sweat 50% more than men do. Wearing a cologne or perfume will offset the scent of body odor.An expensive cologne for men has the ability to set a man apart and often, the scent is rarely achieved. The art of smelling good is essential for a man that’s looking to attract a women. For this reason, the finest scents that exist are a way for men to stand out of the crowd. Expensive mens fragrances were created for a man of distinction and vitality. They are special and treasured for good reason with their multitude of desirable notes and depth of character.

Creed Aventus Creed 4 OZ Millesime Spray For Men

This fragrance for men comes from the house of Creed and is one of it’s most popular scents. Women adore this scent on a man which is a celebration of vision, power and strength. Men of great success and worth pay honor to what this expensive fragrance represents. The ingredients are unrivaled and are a worldly blend of notes that intoxicate the senses. For men that live life on their terms and are highly reverred, this scent is a perfect addition to a life well lived.

Gucci Pour Homme Ii By Gucci For Men

A classic fragrance for the distinct man that is both masculine and elegant in his life. The cool senses create an aura of romance wherever this man goes. It is a scent of luxury for a man with expensive taste. He is also sensual and powerful which is reflected on the freshness of this fragrance. Notes of violet combined with bergamot give a masculine floral impression with heart notes of incense and leather. The base is layered with woody essences making this a well rounded fragrance. It was designed primarily to reflect refinement, masculinity and confidence.

Valentino V Pour Homme by Valentino for Men

Although an expensive fragrance, the bottle is simple and unassuming. What’s inside doesn’t need to be proven by the outer design. A slightly sporty scent combined with a sense of mystique and power. If you don’t mind strangers coming up to you, men and women alike, inquiring on your intoxicating scent then this perfume is for you. It has an incredible depth that is everchanging. The orange and bergamot are balanced with a pepper hint. The base notes are the home run with a myriad of scents that feed off of each other giving any passersby goosebumps. It lasts all day long as an expensive perfume should.

 Amouage Reflection Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce

This expensive perfume for men was designed with the enigmatic in mind. It supports the essence of his sophistication and philosophy of life. Light floral notes that mix with fruits, herbs and spices indicate the fresh and fun this kind of man has in life. The woody notes fit perfectly to the modern man who moves quickly and effortlessly. He earns respect easily and women are drawn to him.


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