English Laundry Cologne Review

English Laundry is known for its excellent fragrances. They have several products on the market and they’re all very special and definitely add something new to your collection. If you don’t have an English Laundry fragrance in your collection then you’re definitely missing out and your collection can be considered incomplete. One of those that stand out the most in the English Laundry collection is Arrogant. Arrogant by English Laundry cologne for men is definitely something special. The fragrance has a sweet and soapy scent to it but there’s much more to it than that although it’s hard to tell exactly what that is. It’s a fragrance that says you’re ready to party but at the same time you can and know when to hold back a little. A fragrance that says let’s go to a bar when you’re actually going to your daughter’s graduation. It has the best of both worlds. You’ll come off as daring and ready for excitement while at the same time being someone who’s level headed and knows when to stop and take control of a situation.

The fragrance was first launched in 2010 and although has a similar smell to Signature by English Laundry each still stands out. They share most notes but Signature has a few additional ones. If you have one of these products then you probably shouldn’t get the other. Unless of course you’re absolutely in love with it and want to try something different, but still close to what you like.

The aroma given off by Arrogant by English Laundry is pretty masculine mostly due to the present notes of sandalwood it contains. It’s a fragrance that you can wear during your everyday life, but it’s not really suited for formal events so you may want to stick to using this for casual events and outings. It lasts over 8 hours which means you only need a few sprays at the start of each day and you’re set for the remainder of that day. The fragrance will cost you about 50 dollars which seems a bit expensive, but keep in mind that it’s something that you can wear almost all the time and you won’t even need to spray it on so much.

Arrogant by English Laundry notes: lavender, cedar, bergamot, sandalwood, coriander, amber.


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