Echo By Davidoff For Men Casual All Day Fragrance


Echo is Davidoff’s sixth fragrance, launched in 2003 and oriented to younger aged men


The fragrance includes aquatic notes, metal notes of aldehydes and white suede. The base notes are: chili, nutmeg, black pepper, musk, cedar, sandalwood and white suede. The notes seem suspended in a substrate of air. The spicy notes of chili, nutmeg, cedar, musk and sandalwood seem to float in the fictional airy-metallic-white suede. Echo is completely synthetic in nature, but, nonetheless, excellently executed. I do not categorize this as a traditional aquatic or a sporty scent, but something in its own genre. When male customers ask for something that is both light and spicy, I head them in this direction. There are numerous options for women in this category, but most men’s “airy” scents are marine or herb based, not spicy. Think of having a spice-infused vodka martini. There is no warmth whatsoever in this fragrance.

The presentation:

The bottle is very beautiful, ergonomic, created in an urban style.

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The feeling:

This fragrance is targeted for younger men, woodsy notes are almost undetectable, it gives a vibe of a sweet citrusy scent with some metallic background and dries down to a fruity scent that is very close to the skin. The presentation of the bottle is great. The scent itself is very light, forgettable and probably would be a good choice for office during summer days. If you’re a fan of aquatic fragrances then this is well worth looking at.

When I first smelt this cologne, it was love. I loved it so much in fact that I wore it all the time. I decided it was my ‘signature fragrance’ ’cause it just flew off my skin and made impressions all day. Terribly, however, every passing day that I continued to wear it, it grew to be more and more repulsive to my nose. Eventually, every time I thought of applying this monster, a feeling of dread would overwhelm me.

Thus, through Echo, the realizations that I was not one for having a signature scent. I required intense variety, a multitude of choices and a feeling of spontaneity when it came to my selection. Whilst I understood the idea behind a signature, I found that I needed to let environmental influences and my instinct guide my fragrance selection rather than self-imposed restrictions.

Where to wear:

Echo By Davidoff For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces
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Perfect for Work and Casual Wearing, moderate Longevity & Silage. By given time it does become fresh and almost metallic with a pleasant powdery undertone.
This is actually more natural smelling than anyone would thought it would be, and quite pleasant (fruity/spicy/woody). It doesn’t have much depth, richness, or complexity, but apparently it was made for casual warm weather use. Over time it gets woodier and drier. Not for the aficionado, obviously, but solid for what it is. Longevity is fine and projection (“sillage”) isn’t bad either.


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