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Sonia ConstantBehind Burberry Sport for Men, Montblanc Emblem, the recently released Eutopi No9, and other famous scents is perfumer Sonia Constant. Her fragrances for women and men capture the imagination and delight the senses, and every scent is uniquely different. We wanted to see what inspires this Master Perfumer, and this is what we discovered.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Most of Sonia’s inspiration comes from her travels. Every culture and country is filled with different sights and smells that can delight the senses, and she can also find interesting aromas in daily cooking. When she created Tuscan Soul Viola Essenziale from Ferragamo, its distinctive fragrance was inspired by a visit to the beautiful Les Jardins de Bagatelle. Surrounded by richly blooming flowers, it became the basis of the fragrant perfume Les Jardins de Bagatelle

Where did you study?

Perhaps one of the reasons for the success of her fragrances is that Sonia Constant was fortunate enough to study with some of the best master perfumers at the time. She also studied at the highly rated ISIPCA, and trained with the masters at Givaudan Perfumer School. After study and training at both respected institutions, Sonia was fortunate and talented enough to join the top rated team at Fine Fragrance.

Is it work or art that you use to create a perfume?

This question has always interested us, and so did Sonia Constant’s answer. While she believes that it takes art to create the initial accords, it takes hard work and creativity to turn it into a long lasting and pleasant fragrance. The perfume industry is also changing to meet a more global market, which means each fragrance has to be as appealing to consumers in the U.S.A. as it is to men and women in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Do your fragrances have a personal or signature note or scent?

The wide range of men’s and women’s fragrance Sonia Constant has worked on and created makes it difficult to image that there can be any similarities to the various scents, but this was a question we had to ask. In response Sonia compared her craft with that of other artists who also have work that is recognizable by their individual styles. While Sonia’s fragrances are uniquely different and each one is created for a specific brand or customer, she does admit that a little of her own personal style goes into each new scent.

Who do you normally create fragrances for?

Sonia enjoys working in several different markets, which is also a bonus for consumers who admire and wear her unique scents. Some of the popular brands that Sonia has created fragrances for include Eutopie, Valentino, and Tom Ford.

What are some of your favorite ingredients to work with?

With the growing popularity of Oud it is not surprising that this is a scent that Sonia Constant is excited and curious to work with, but it is not the only one that she frequently likes to use to create some of her popular perfumes. Cashmeran has a woodsy and musky scent that blends well with other ingredients, along with the stronger and cleaner Clary Sage. Violet leaves and vanilla extract are also common notes, along with a masculine leather smell that is reminiscent of Christian Dior’s popular Fahrenheit.

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