Diesel Cologne Review

When we speak of international brands Diesel definitely comes to mind. The company has been around for over 20 years and is known on an international level. It is present in over 80 countries and has almost 50 company-owned stores. They make jeans, casual wear, and last but not least: cologne. Since the brand is international and has such a vast presence you can always expect what you’re wearing to be recognized by everyone and their cologne is no exception.

One of their products that truly stands out is Fuel For Life. Fuel For Life was created by Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier. It has a scent that will make your day much brighter and will even influence those around you. The cologne has a fruity smell which is no surprise considering most of its notes are made of fruits, but despite the smell being sweet it’s still manly enough and will inspire you with confidence. Most people who have used and reviewed the product have commented on its great smell and that they’ve received tons of compliments. The fragrance really does stand out as it offers something unique and different to all the other colognes which mainly rely on sandalwood and focus too much on seeming manly. Fuel For Life achieves that manliness but in its own unique way which will allow you to stand our rather than smell like everyone else at the office or even at a party.

The smell is clean and fresh which will definitely energize you and keep you ready and prepared to face the day. Another perk for this cologne is that it lasts for long durations. This means you’ll only have to put it on at the start of your day and not have to worry about smelling good or packing something else to spray on later. This also means that the bottle will last you longer since you don’t have to keep spraying on every few hours. The perfume is a little bit expensive at a price of over 50$, but I believe that the price is totally warranted. Also keep in mind that it’s last longing so will last with you a while before you have to buy a new one or look for something else.

Diesel Fuel For Life Cologne Notes

Top notes: grapefruit, anise
Middle notes: lavender, raspberry
Base notes: woodsy notes, heliotrope


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