Diesel Fuel for Life by Diesel Cologne for Men


Diesel cologne for men first made it into the public’s noses in the year 2007 and is still into production nowadays. It was created by two of the greatest perfumers of our times, Jacques Cavallier and Annick Menardo for Diesel, makers of high-end ready-to-wear denims and men’s clothing. Cavallier won the Prix François Coty (now the Prix International du Parfum) in 2004 and has created world-renowned fragrances like Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio pour home and Yves Saint Laurent M7 while Menardo is a master perfumer who’s behind famous scents like Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros and Dior Hypnotic Poison.

Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne is classified as an aromatic fougere that possesses an energetic powdery scent suitable for the young generation, ages 16 and above. It’s for the exuberant young male who’s confident about his body and sensuality. The Diesel type of man is sexy and vibrant, fun loving and carefree.

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This perfume does come in a package-like golden box, complete with a thread that is tied around it. The bottle itself is encased in a beautiful velvety pouch that you can carry anytime, anywhere.


For some people, Diesel Fuel for Life starts with a cosmetic aisle-like scent , probably because of its powdery characteristic. You can get hints of citrus, the grapefruit type, so it’s nothing too harsh on the nostrils. What captivates you more is that unique licorice aroma that comes from that wonderful oriental spice called star anise. That smell is smooth but dominant and can last for about an hour or two.

That powdery scent then gives way to the unmistakably sweet, tart smell of raspberries combining with the soothing aroma of lavender. Then the raspberry mellows and stays on the background as Diesel cologne for men dries down to a woody, vanilla-type fragrance that comes from heliotrope and dry woods.

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This is the type of spring or fall fragrance that is best worn at night when you have to go on dates, night clubbing or when you just want to dine out with friends.  You can also wear it for daytime spring but you’ll have to go easy on the spray, as this fragrance really projects itself – a lot.


This fragrance is the kind that keeps hanging on, keeps going on anywhere from 10 hours to a full day. It does tone down after four hours or so but it still gets due notice. Of course, factors like your skin texture, sweat production, mood and levels of excitement does affect the longevity of any perfume. You can use a soap and aftershave that has the same scent if you really want it to last a whole day.

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If you are looking for a scent that’s loud enough to make a statement, then Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne is definitely for you. It’s fresh citrusy scent is a certified attention-grabber. It does tone down after 4 hours but it still gets noticed.

All in all, Diesel cologne for men is an aromatic fougere made for the younger generation. It’s the fragrance to choose if you want something long-lasting and has a strong projection.

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