Curve Cologne Review

Launched in 1996 by the design house of Liz Claiborne is the Curve Cologne, one of the most sought-after masculine fragrances. The cologne has also become a favorite to the women fork who has a taste for men’s colognes. This perfume boasts a warm and refreshing scent. The blend of greens and pepper adds a unique sent in combination to finishing notes of mahogany and water. The light and airy scent that emanates from the ingeniously designed cologne bottle leaves many wondering and trying to guess the type of cologne you have used.  It is made up of simple ingredients yet its ultimate fragrance is comparable to none. Buyers seem to have nothing but praise about it. They describe it as the most affordable and a perfect wear for all occasions, any day. One buyer who bought it as gift for a friend was happy for the purchase since the friend loved it.

Curve Cologne Options to Choose

The curve cologne by Liz Claiborne is available in four options, namely; The Original Curve Cologne for Men, Curve Wave for Men, Curve Connect for Men, and Curve Crush for Men. The four scents have not been created alike. In a nutshell, these men colognes are as follows;

  • Curve for Menthis is the original scent in the Liz Claiborne collection. It has a warm and refreshing scent that is an instant allure to the women. The blend of fresh greens and pepper complemented by mahogany and water as finishing notes brings out a top notch scent. Wear this at least twice a day for best results.
  • Curve Wave for Men-this scent by Liz Claiborne was launched in 2015. The primary ingredients in the formulation include liquid oxygen, musk, juniper, and mint. These give it a unique and refreshing scent that is masculine by all measure. It is not too strong neither is it mild.
  • Curve Connect for Menmade up of teas, sandalwood, Tonka Bean, flowers, and tobacco, this cologne gives a unique masculine scent. It is more of an aphrodisiac thanks to its sandalwood ingredient. The women love this cologne.
  • Curve Crush for Men-it has an impulsive scent and offers great freshness courtesy of the clean crisp herbs added to its ingredients. The warm moss and musk notes add into the masculine scent.

Curve Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Pineapple, lavender, lemon, juniper berries, neroli

Middle Notes

Ginger, bergamot, cactus, coriander, sage, cardamom and violet

Base Notes

Sandalwood, cedar, amber, mahogany, musk, pepper, vetiver

When to Wear Curve Cologne

The Curve cologne is ideal for wear to the office, a first date, evening and even special occasions. Apply this on your armpits, directly on clothes, on the neck, and hands if you like. This fresh and unique cologne is also compact in design and that means you can carry it along wherever you go. Beware though that your woman might use it more than you do since it is irresistible.

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