Curve Cologne for Men by Liz Claiborne Review


Curve cologne for men hails from the first woman-founded company that made it to the highly-esteemed Fortune 500, Liz Clairborne. The company is named after its chairperson and CEO, Anne Elisabeth Jane “Liz” Claiborne, also known as the first woman who headed a Fortune 500 company.

Product Overview

Introduced in 1996, Curve comes in a simple glass bottle with a sticker for its brand name. Each perfume is encased in a tin can, which makes this product easy to identify. It’s one of the cheapest fragrances for men, costing no more than $30 per bottle of 4.2 ml. For its price, many people consider it a real bargain.

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The Notes

You can distinguish Curve right from its opening notes of lavender, juniper berry and fresh leaves that blend harmoniously to give you a citrus, fruity, aromatic scent. The citrus note is more of a freshly sliced pineapple and not the usual lemon or orange fragrances. That pleasant citrus smell fades away to give you a combination of green woody notes that come from vetiver, musk and lime. It’s more like a piney scent – the type you get when walking along thru a forest. Towards the end, that piney smell blends with the woody fragrances of sandalwood, cedar, pepper, amber and mahogany. You also get hints of bergamot, ginseng, ginger, sage, cactus and cardamom.


It’s best worn as a casual daytime fragrance that anybody can use at the office, in the classroom, shopping or during social gatherings. But a word of caution when wearing it on dates: since Curve has been famous since 1996, chances are your girl’s past boyfriend or suitor has worn it and may cause her to remember that scent – whether she has good or bad recollections about it.

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Recommended Age

Curve cologne for men is recommended for teenagers or college males who are just starting out with fragrances. It has that refreshing, uplifting smell that suits the younger generation. But that’s not to say that older males can’t wear it too. I know of some men in their forties and fifties who have Curve in their personal grooming kits.


It lasts anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on factors that affect a fragrance’s longevity like skin type, weather, mood, etc. The type of soap, aftershave and deodorant used also affect its longevity. However, it’s not advisable to bathe in it because it still smells good after the dry down. Just a little spray on your wrists and behind your ears will do.


Curve is one scent that doesn’t offend those around you and leaves a pleasant smell in a room. That’s why it’s recommended for gatherings, meetings and other activities that require you to be in close contact with other people.

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Curve cologne for men has a citrus, fruity, aromatic smell that can be used as a daily fragrance by males of the younger generation. Its pleasant scent can last on your skin for 4-6 hours. It has a strong projection that makes others know that you’ve been inside a room.

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