Creed Royal Oud Cologne For Young Professional Men


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8 - 10 hours
Heavy Radiates within 6 Feet
Complex, Long Lasting, Elegant and Stylish Design, Good Projection
Spicy aroma may be too strong for some wearers.
Day or Work, Younger Professional Men, Formal Evenings.

The Creed Royal Oud Cologne for men is sophisticated, elegant, and masculine. It has managed to blend the all of the luxury of a Persian palace with the lighthearted elegance of Paris. It features the underlying fragrance of oud that is artfully mixed with woody green scents and a hint of the sensual Middle East. It is a cologne for professional young men and those with sophisticated tastes.

Our Review of Creed Royal Oud

Created for the House of Creed in 2011, Royal Oud is a sophisticated and elegant men’s cologne. It was created by Oliver Creed, sixth generation as a testament to the exclusive design house. The men’s cologne is reminiscent of rich woody and spicy scents that are both alluring and soothing. A hint of refreshing citrus keeps the cologne energetic, while the rich base notes keep the men’s fragrance warm and sexy.

Fragrance Notes

The top notes of bergamot, lemon, and pink berry are aromatic and refreshing with the middle scents of cedar, galbanum, and angelic root. The richer base notes are sandalwood, Tonkin musk, and Regal Indian Oud. It is aromatic and sensual, with a hint of the exotic.

The Scent

The first notes that you smell are refreshing and citrusy, which quickly mingles with the cologne’s spicier notes. The oud is the underlying aroma, and it is never overpowering. Instead it seductively lingers in the background. It is a men’s cologne that is as elegant and sophisticated as the design house that created it.

The Appearance

Creed Royal Oud Unisex Millesime ReviewThe House of Creed insignia is emblazoned on the front of the elegant bottle that would not look out of place in a Parisian palace. The clear glass container features a flat bottom, and a beveled top that is offset by the glossy black cap. The classic and stylish appearance of this men’s cologne by Creed is a perfect addition in any man’s cologne collection.

Best Uses

The sophisticated fragrance is designed for young professional men, and anyone who appreciates taste and style. It is a cologne that is best suited for more formal occasions, though some men can successfully wear it on more casual outings. It is a cologne that is rich and elegant, and will give the same impression for the man who wears it.


While this is not an inexpensive cologne, it is worth the high price tag. The complex and sophisticated fragrance is unique to oud colognes, and it does have longevity. While it might not be an affordable cologne for all young professionals, it is ideal for anyone who is just starting their fragrance collections.


Even though this is not a typical oud fragrance, it is still sophisticated, sensual, and masculine. It is the best cologne for young professional men, and its spicy appeal also makes it a favorite among women. The refreshing citrus keeps it from becoming too heavy while the spices keep this a sensual fragrance for men.

Nate Robbins (perfume tester)

I am a big fan of oud fragrances, and was surprised to find that Royal Oud is a little different. Instead of the main fragrance notes being oud, it is simply the sensual under note. This keeps it mysterious and seductive, while the musk and refreshing citrus draws people in. I did also find that you only need a little bit to go a long way. Which is a good thing since it is a bit pricey. I recommend this cologne for any professional young man who finally wants to be taken seriously.

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