Cool Water Cologne Review

Most men hold the perception that colognes are formulated for the ladies and they rather wear the natural scent. But truth be told, the natural smell is not one of the most appealing so to speak. Fortunately, you can get a perfume formulated specifically for men. If you are the kind of person who is not drawn to strong and overpowering perfumes then you can opt for cologne that is not domineering and still smells fresh and sweet. The Cool Water Cologne is ideally a wholly masculine cologne with notes that are not particularly too strong or too mild. The simple aroma in the cologne can serve virtually any occasion. It is soapy, floral and fresh, one of those colognes that completely changes your mood. It is ideal for young and old alike and it seems even buyers share a similar experience upon use. Most buyers describe it as sweet smelling and value for money. They applaud its refreshing and masculine smell.

About Cool Water Cologne

The Cool Water Cologne first hit the fashion stores in 1988. It was launched by Davidoff one of the most recognized personalities in the fragrance world. Ever since its release this cologne has remained a favorite to most users. The striking and refreshing fragrance suggests coastal nightclubs, summer cocktails, and the love of the pretty women. The aquatic cologne is appealing from the exterior to the core. The conspicuous Cool Water’s trademark is an immediate hit coupled by the bottle and packaging that has not changed since 1988; iconic blue tones and a jagged and rounded rectangular bottle. It is comfortable to hold and douses of thick spray emanate from a good performing atomizer upon release. This is an affordable fragrance, a sure quality for the money.

Cool Water Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Marine, Rosemary, Pine, Lavender

Middle Notes

Jasmine, Sandalwood, Carnation, Peppermit

Base Notes

Oak Moss, Musk, Cedar Wood

When to Wear Cool Water Cologne

Even though Cool Water Cologne is a purely masculine fragrance, women cannot resist it. This is a quintessential summer fragrance with notes that exude summer cocktails, night clubs, and cool sand on your feet on sunset. It is romantic fragrance that is best suited for evening wear. It is more of a casual fragrance and would smell out of place during formal occasions. Best uses are night outs or evening social events. Apply it directly on clothes, on neck, armpits or arms. It is quite sticky and will last a long time. However, it is important to note that this cologne rubs off easily on textiles. It can therefore stick on your jacket and clash with other fragrances if you change your cologne later on.

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