Cool Water Cologne for Men by Davidoff Review


The fragrance for men that never goes out of fashion—that would be the Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff for Men Cologne. More than two decades in the market already, yet it continues to grow its fans. This proves that the appeal of Cool Water Cologne for Men—its signature invigorating scent that cools down the hot summer weather, cuts across generations.


Imagine setting foot for the first time at an island paradise. It’s your ultimate adventure, or even just the awaited break from the office, for the summer season. Greedily fill your lungs with air—it’s the first that you do because you just have to. And because you’re by the seaside, it smells fresh and refreshing, then there’s a little hint of saltiness. But overall, it kicks off your mood for outdoor excitement and adventure.

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This is the effect of Cool Water to men. It is one fresh and cool fragrance evoking masculinity at every whiff. This is a light, yet sexy cologne which is sure to make you a head turner. Its sillage may be rated as moderate to strong, but the scent’s inherently appealing to set everyone’s nose trailing on your scent, may you be indoor or outdoor.


The notes of Cool Water Cologne for men layer the scent from initially and predominantly aromatic (minty, spicy) to woodsy. At the spray of this cologne, the fresh and cool aroma from mint, lavender, and other green touches greet you. Its effect on your mood and body is totally invigorating. A few sprays of cool water on your skin bring about a gush of contagious excitement.

This summertime cologne from Davidoff includes a few floral or seemingly feminine notes such as jasmine, neroli, geranium, and rosemary. These though complement the minty, spicy fragrance, set to make you ooze with masculine freshness and sexiness.

Further during drydown, the fresh and cool vibe remains, while layering with the noes of musk, oak, moss, and sandalwood. These add a subtle, woody scent—the last straw for you not to get your mind off your summer plans or any outdoor activity that are best for the summer.

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In terms of longevity, Cool Water averages on the moderate side, but that seems fair enough already. This is a summer fragrance, and considering how your body reacts to the weather at this time of the year, a moderate cologne longevity may seem like a fair deal already. This Davidoff cologne for men is most suitable for daytime wear.


Cool Water Cologne for Men was first launched in 1988 by perfumer Pierre Bourdon. Fast forward to today, it remains a popular choice among men, and a highly recommended scent from men and women alike. It has become so iconic as a men’s fragrance that you can expect it to be on fashion or men’s health magazines’ reviews of top perfumes or colognes every so often.

The preference for Cool Water seems almost universal, so if you’re thinking of the next fragrance to sport, it would be a good or at the very least, safe choice. Be ready to get noticed though, because this cologne for men is never missed.

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Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff is the iconic fragrance for the summer season. Its signature, highly recognizable scent is marked by lightness and masculine sexiness, and is perfect for daytime wear with longevity of up to 12 hours.

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