Colognes Women Can’t Get Enough Of


When it comes to men and cologne, one of the main selling features is how well they attract women. Cologne can say words to a woman about the kind of man you are whether it’s intrigue, mystery or sensuality. There are certain colognes that most women can’t get enough of. One whiff of a special scent can drive a woman crazy and invoke emotions within her. Before you say a thing, you’ve already made an impression. Women love fresh and masculine notes put together. It reminds them of dreamy places and the solid foundation in which a strong man can take them to. Here are some of the top colognes that women love on a man.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men

Acqua Di Gio cologne is fresh and has romantic notes that remind a woman of the sea and of freedom. Women love this cologne on men for it’s playful yet rich scent and harmony of fresh notes. A deeply complex array of scents that are incredibly alluring to the opposite sex. Due to it’s mellow notes, men can wear it for day or night.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Cologne Spray

This cologne was designed for the American man, a man who embraces freedom and fun. Women love a confident, patriotic man who knows who he is and where he came from. Due to it’s fresh and clean notes, the man who wears this cologne always feels his best. Women are naturally attracted to the mellow yet vibrant scent. It’s a classic that women will often recognize and know what kind of man you are.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men

As with anything Versace creates, there is a sense of class and maturity that comes with this cologne. The sophisticated women looks for men that want the best things in life and this cologne tells her that you are one of those men. A top cologne known to allure women for it’s sensual notes that tell them you are all man. You are classic and yet youthful with a touch of mystery that makes women think of you long after you’ve left the room.

Hugo Boss Cologne for Men

This original cologne for men by Hugo Boss is still one of the best scents to allure women. It is a recognizable scent that tells people you are all class. A long time staple for any man looking to make a lasting impression. The scent is masculine and recognized as one of the colognes men with style and confidence wear. To drive a woman wild, this is one of the top colognes for men out there.

Ck One by Calvin Klein

Due to CK ONE being unisex, men that wear it are very identifiable for women. They feel closer and in partnership with you, as though somehow you understand them. The cologne or perfume we wear is personal to our character. When you share a scent with a woman, you already know there is a similarity between you. This can be extremely attractive for women and a gateway to sparking up a conversation.


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