CK Free Cologne Review

Calvin Klein is a worldwide brand. When you buy Calvin Klein products you’re expecting the best and nothing less. When it comes to fragrances and cologne, however; their recent products haven’t been up to their high standards. This is also true for CK Free cologne for men. Created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Ellen Molner, this fragrance was released in 2009 but hasn’t left much of an impact on the cologne market and sadly most of the reviews it has gotten have been negative with only few people really liking this cologne.

CK Free has 12 notes including wormwood, tobacco, jackfruit, and plenty others. The list of notes should provide an attractive and pleasant smell, but unfortunately you can’t smell most of the listed notes when you try it on. You do sense a fresh aroma when you spray this on. This makes it a summer cologne most suited for day use especially casual outings. It’s not really fancy and not very suitable for colder weather and the night.

The projection on this product is shocking though. It barely has any projection at all so only those standing in close proximity to you will smell it. The longevity is pretty bad as well. CK Free barely lasts an hour after you spray it before it disappears almost completely. These two features really take a lot from the experience. What’s the point of spraying on a fragrance that no one else can smell and after an hour or two not even you can smell it?

Calvin Klein has really let its customers down by this product. The common but slightly smell doesn’t stand out and you won’t be getting much compliments wearing this. The fact that it has such low sillage and longevity also means that you can’t wear it casually to work either and its use becomes restricted to short errands.
CK Free by Calvin Klein costs about 30-40$ which is a bit expensive for what it offers. You may enjoy it and like having it as part of your collection though so don’t completely rule it out before giving it a try at your local store.

CK Free Cologne for Men Notes

Top notes: wormwood, star anise, juniper berries, jackfruit
Middle notes: suede, coffee, tobacco, buchu
Base notes: oak, Virginia cedar, patchouli, woody notes


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