Our Best Chrome Cologne Review

There are literally dozens of masculine fragrances to choose from in the market. The Chrome Legend is one of those colognes that are worth considering. It was launched in 2007 by Azzaro. Its citrus scent is quite striking complemented by a sexy and masculine aroma generated by the musk, pepper, leather, and musk notes. This unique fragrance is well-packaged as well. The 100% masculine fragrance is ideal for casual or official wear but do not be surprised if your lady is drawn to it. Buyers seem to be highly pleased with the Chrome Cologne. They say it smells good and all they get are complements from their girlfriend. It is also longer lasting and most of the buyers are quick to point out this.

Choosing Chrome Cologne

Different scents are appealing but none of them will bring out the best in you if you use it for a wrong occasion. A mistake in using your Chrome Cologne could completely change your overall outfit. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • At work-traditional but innovative scents are ideal for office wear. Choose a fresh and delicate scent as well. The floral-fruity or floral-grassy perfumes are the best for the office.
  • Business Meetings-this involves an interaction with many people and therefore you need something that shows you are bold. A crisp fruit or light floral notes will do. Pear, mint, apple, basil, coconut, and gardenia notes are ideal. Wear something stylish and understated. Not too domineering or too mild.
  • First Date-a scent that complements your presence and yet not overpowering is ideal. Perfect notes include; amber, sandalwood, orchid, lotus flower, myrrh, bergamot, and musk.
  • Weekend Errands-tasks such as grocery shopping, soccer practice, a walk to the bank, or any weekend chore require an energising scent. Colognes with these notes are the best; grapefruit, peach blossom, Mandarin Orange, wild rose, and Island flowers.
  • Holiday parties-if you thought a perfume is not worth wearing during those memorable holiday parties then think again. Perfect notes include; vanilla, citrus, gourmand florals, black currant, cinnamon, or pear.

Chrome Cologne Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Lemon, mint, ginger, lavender

Middle Notes

Apple, Guatemalan cardamom, geranium, juniper

Base Notes

Amber wood, Haitian vetiver, tonka bean, cedar

When to Wear Chrome Cologne

Chrome cologne is ideal for most occasions. Wear this to holiday parties, the gym, work or business meetings. This is scent is not too domineering or mild. It is perfect for the man who is not so much drawn into fragrances and yet wants to smell sweet. You can apply it directly on clothes, on wrists, armpits, neck, and even arms. You can never go wrong with this masculine cologne.


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