Celebrities Favorite Men’s Colognes

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Have you ever wondered what cologne your favorite actor is wearing? Even if you haven’t we have compiled a list of some of the hottest names in sports, music, and entertainment and their favorite men’s cologne. This way even if you can’t play football you can still smell like Tom Brady when you wear the iconic Stetson Black cologne, which he just happens to be the new face of.

David Beckham Pure instinct

Who doesn’t know the name David Beckham, the stylish and sexy soccer player? Not only does he have a fashionable clothing line, he also has a spicy men’s cologne. Pure Instinct is only available for a short time, and is a variation of his original cologne Instinct. The blend of silver sage, cardamom, rosemary and tobacco leaves is elegant, masculine, and sexy.


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I am a botanist who slowly became interested in the different types of plants used in the popular men's colognes. With my unique experience with the ingredients, I am well qualified to find the best scents and fragrances. I love smelling the hints of exotic flowers, and also being surprised when strange combinations work in some of the exciting new colognes.

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