Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Review


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The Calvin Klein ck one was included of the FiFi fragrance hall of fame in 2010. This brand of men’s fragrance is appreciated by numerous users. It comprises of a masculine fragrance which turns out to be main draw of this product. In this article we are going to analyze its specifications. So, all those who are interested just read the review which plummets.

Highlights of the Product

  • Fragrance – The Calvin Klein ck is laced with the revolutionary first ck smell which is manufactured for both men and women.
  • Duration – The smell stays for at least 4 days. On being applied on a piece of cloth one may find the fragrance persisting (though mildly) for a couple of days at least.
  • Good for dry skin – This product is appropriate for people who have dry skin as the smell persists for a fair share of time. On the other hand if someone sweats a lot or for that matter has oily skin, then the smell will still last for about 3-4 hours at the least!


The clean, contemporary and refreshing smell of Calvin Eau de Toilette, 6.7 fl. Oz is so mesmerizing that they will serve the need for every occasion. Whether it’s a casual party or for that matter a corporate event, its enticing odor will definitely go a long way in enhancing one’s appearance.


  • There are some who have said that the product was a bit diluted and so even on applying a good amount one could not experience its smell.
  • Also some have said that the smell is not that unique and hence have been disappointment by its efficiency!

Final verdict:

Thus all in all the Calvin Eau de Toilette is a very good product to cater to. The smell is exquisite, durable and can be used by men and women for all sorts of occasions.

6.8 Awesome
  • Longevity 7
  • Projection 6
  • Scent 7
  • Complexity 7
  • Price 7
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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