Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Men’s Cologne


Finding the best men’s cologne doesn’t have to involve a long afternoon at the perfume counter sniffing scented paper strips, or grabbing the first bottle you see. Men’s colognes are available in a range of scents that are designed for different personalities and occasions. While the right men’s fragrance can give you additional confidence, the wrong scent can leave you standing alone in the room.

There are a few simple tips that can help you find the perfect men’s cologne for your personality on the first try. After all, the more that you know about men’s fragrances the easier it will be to pick the best one for you. Don’t be surprised to learn that as you continue to discover new men’s fragrances you find your personal cologne collection growing larger. It’s a good thing that many of these bottles are designed to be displayed.

Cologne Buying Tips

Finding a great scented men’s cologne doesn’t have to take hours deadening your sense of smell at the perfume counter if you take advantage of these simple buying tips. While your budget will be one of the deciding factors, your own personal preferences will also play a key role in the cologne that you choose. With that in mind, here are some tips to keep you smelling great without all of the hassle.


  • Your friends and family members are a great resource to take advantage of, and can give you recommendations. It is important to remember that your unique body chemistry will also affect the way the cologne smells. This means that what smells great on your friend, may not have the same aroma when you are wearing it.
  • Perfume counters and even glossy magazines are great places to find new fragrances without making an expensive mistake. Instead of paying for a bottle of cologne that you are not sure about, you can try a sample. Along with scented cards that you can rub on your skin, there are also tiny samples that will give you an idea of how the cologne will smell on your skin.
  • Promotions are another great way to try a new men’s cologne without having to pull out your wallet. Often free samples are included with the purchase of an additional item, and sometime you are not required to buy anything.
  • A great way to try different men’s fragrances is with small gift sets. These inexpensively priced items generally include all of the popular brands, and often contain two or three types of the fragrance for you to try out.

These simple tips can make it relatively easy for you to find a new men’s fragrance for the season, or for guys looking to purchase their first bottle of cologne. Even with these tips, it is still important for you to understand the different types and various scents before you will be able to select a men’s cologne with confidence.


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