Our Choice for the Best Summer Cologne for Men


Summer is coming up! And we find it really important that we let our readers know what the best picks for summer fragrances are for men this year. If you already have an everyday scent, you should know it should also jive with how your feeling and your mood for whatever season it is on. Fortunately, its summer! The hot temperature can make it rather difficult for you to make your scent last. This means that you need a summer fragrance specifically for the heat to have it last long on your skin.

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Summer is the time when everyone goes out to feel the heat of the sun, and with that, there is more likely a chance that our skin gets tanned and dry but with proper perfumes used, we will not only smell good but feel good 24/7 under the heat of the sun meeting friends and catching that hot girl for a summer fling. We have created a list for our picks for summer fragrances for men. The selections on this article are great fragrances specifically for a refreshing, relaxing summer. Here is the list and have a great smelling summer ahead!

Carolina Herrera 212 By Carolina Herrera For Men

A refreshing floral and flowery but masculine scent that is best for office wear. It is a perfect fit for summer since it is floral and refreshing. Under that flowery aura, there is a woody mint with leather, spices, amber and black pepper for the manly side. This kind of fragrance brings out the character of the hard-working man that is humble yet sophisticated and elite. He is the envy of others. For that, we have chosen this as one of our top pics for summer fragrances for men this year.

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Men ‘s Cologne by Lacoste

Lacoste always produces manly and sporty fragrances for men. It is a well-known brand for the elite as well. Eau de Lacoste L12.12 Blanc is a composition of grapefruit, rosemary, cedar, leaf, leather and suede. Such a refreshing fragrance for the perfect summer or warm spring with the family and friends that this perfume can give off compliments and make the surroundings even smell better.


Perry Ellis 360 Red By Perry Ellis For Men

360° Red for Men by Perry Ellis is on this list for a good reason. The magic behind this summery scent is a mix of orange, nutmeg, lime, bergamot, cinnamon lavender, and sandalwood. It is a combination of all the exquisite ingredients for a good fragrance for men. Recommended for use anytime and anywhere this summer; so get ready for your sexy beach body and use this as a main accessory when meeting new people. Have this along with a great summer ahead!

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme

A manly cologne comes into focus with the La Nuit de L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent for men. It represents the fun loving outdoor kind of man who enjoys the weather for long walks and strolls in the beach. The fragrance is known to attract more people with its summery and fresh aroma. The powerful ingredients of this perfume carry a mysterious feel with spicy accord, bergamot freshness, lavender, cumin and vetiver. A sensual and elegant summer ahead!

L’eau D’issey (issey Miyake) by Issey Miyake for Men

Issay Miyake isn’t a stranger and is definitely not the least on this list. We had mentioned this in some previous posts and once again have proven to be on this one as one of our picks for summer fragrances. The attractiveness of this product never diminishes. The magic behind it is musk of course with amber and wood. Recommended for romantic summer evenings. Be the sweet talker guy that you are and use the fragrance for more charm.


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