Best-Selling Celebrity Perfume: Stars in a Bottle


The normal notion that goes out is that only the famous designer houses come up with some breathtaking fragrances. But there are some starts that have created some of the wonderful fragrances that best described them. These fragrances contain those scents that have the power to allure any individual and are pretty famous among the customers worldwide. Such fragrances have the name engraved in them of those stars who make up the dreams of many individuals. Sarah Jessica parker to Britney Spears all have tried to bring out a signature fragrance that will be loved by the customers like they have loved these stars.

We are here to bring you the most celebrated celebrity perfumes that have made a name in the perfume industry for the beautiful smell that they contain. If you are also among those who want to get a celebrity perfume in their perfume collection then this where you should be right now. The list has the top 9 fragrances that are very popular not only for the smell but for the beautiful bottles in which they comes. These bottles signify how wonderful the scent is and what all lies in that bottle of sophistication. So, without wasting much time let’s get a review of the best celebrity perfumes.

With Love Hilary Duff Eau de Parfum Spray

With Love Hilary Duff By Hilary Duff For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7 Oz-1Don’t be surprised to see this perfume in the top list of celebrity perfumes and of course don’t confuse it to be a tween or teen star perfume. This perfume is surprising because it sweet and refreshing and has the tinge of sophistication in the same. The scent is a combination of woodsy, vanilla and honey. It is a feminine perfume and is neither too soft nor too rough and perfect balance. It is fruity and is so light that you will never imagine that it can be a perfume of a teen star. This fragrance smells of sophistication in every dash of it. Once you have this in your collection and you will never regret it. It can be great perfume for special occasions to a normal day out. The bottle in which the perfume comes gives it a different dimension.


  • It is a sophisticated perfume.
  • Perfect for all occasions.


  • According to some customers the smell of the perfume was a bit too sweet. But that is largely an individual preference.

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women, Eau de Parfum, 3.4-Ounce Spray Bottle-2This is a scent of elegance and is in every way the perfect style that Sarah Jessica Parker herself carries. This perfume contains the style and signature of the celebrated sex and the city actress. It is a mix of Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker, the epitome of style and elegance. It is soft and powdery and gives discrete smell of powerful women who has a style of her own. It has the mix of wood and the freshness of lavender. This is one such perfume that can be opted for women of all ages. After one application of the fragrance it with time starts to give out fragrances like orchid, apple martini and even musk.


  • It is a great smelling perfume.
  • It can be worn to any occasion.
  • Works in just a single application.

Paris Hilton By Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton for Women - 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray-3The name Paris Hilton might not bring out the thought that she can have a perfume which has a smell that is unforgettable. This is one such scent that is available in the market which you won’t be able to resist. It is an addictive scent that is worth every penny that you will need to buy the same. The scent is a mix of various fragrances such as, jasmine, apple, freesia, Ylang ylang, peach nectar, oak moss and mimosa. All these mixtures together make it a fruity and floral combination. It is perfect for the summer ad will definitely keep you refreshed all the while.


  • Smells wonderful.
  • Great for the price it comes.


  • It has certain issues regarding its long lasting capacity.
  • Be aware while buying the perfume as there are knock offs available in the market. Always buy it from a recognized seller.

Glam by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Glam Eau De Parfum, 3.4 Ounce-4The next scent that makes its entry in to the list of the best-selling celebrity perfume is Glam a presentation by Kim Kardashian. The perfume is a mix of floral and fruity scents which gives it an edge. The notes that make up the perfume are rose, jasmine, tuberose, iris butter and sandalwood. It is typical girly perfume that is very famous among the young crowd and is perfect for the woman who is playful and bubbly. The pink bottle becomes a magic the moment it is put on.


  • It smells great.
  • It goes soft in the skin.
  • The perfume is a long lasting one.
  • Loved by men.
  • It comes cheap.


  • Jut be aware of the knock offs.

Heat By Beyonce For Women

Beyonce Heat By Beyonce For Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce-5Yes this scent is a creation of the famous Pop star Beyonce Knowles. The scent is an inspiration of the performances and the shows Beyonce has performed world over. The bottle itself defines how heated the scent might be and the combination with which it is made are honeysuckle and vanilla orchid. It is a female fragrance that is popular worldwide. It is combined with the seductive and spicy fragrances that make it even more irresistible. This celebrity fragrance has all the ingredients which are perfect to be any woman’s signature perfume.


  • The smell of the perfume is very good.
  • It works in a couple of spray.
  • The price of the perfume is on the lower side.


  • It doesn’t stay in the body for a longer period of time.

Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston for Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 2.9 Ounce-6This bubbly and talented actress has also come with a perfume that suits her blonde and ravishing style. The scent is a beach and summer fragrance that compliments each and every mood of Jennifer Aniston. It is sexy, fresh and magical. Thought it is a women perfume but preferably for the older crowd. The fragrance is made with the mix of rose water, amazon lily, amber, citrus grove accord, musk, jasmine and sandalwood. If you are looking for a perfume which is perfect for the summer then this perfume is what you should acquire without wasting much time.


  • It smells real good.
  • It is fresh and clean.
  • It goes soft on the body not over powering.


  • According to some customers the scent didn’t stay on the body for a longer duration.

Fantasy by Britney Spears

Fantasy by Britney Spears, 3.3 Ounce-7If you are in search of a perfume that is perfect for the evening date you were planning to go with your partner then this perfume from Britney Spears is the one. This celebrity perfume is a mix of jasmine petals, kiwi, white chocolate, cupcake accord and woods accord. It is very fruity and syrupy and then gives out the sexy tinge thanks to the addition of chocolate and wood accord. The name of the perfume itself suggests how much fantasy the scent has in it.


  • It smells really good.
  • The scent is yummy.
  • Instead of the perfume being syrupy it goes light on the skin.
  • Perfect for all ages.
  • The price of the perfume is on the lower side.


  • For some customers it was too much sweet.

Someday by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Someday, Eau De Parfum Spray,100ml-8Don’t just snap and scroll down after hearing the name of Justin Beiber because this scent that he has created is actually very good. It is at present one of the best selling celebrity perfumes available in the market. The perfume gives a feel good factor the moment you will wear the same. The scent is a mixture of Mandarin. Wild berries, floral, musk, pear, vanilla and jasmine. Don’t sit back to think that this particular scent is for the teens or tweens but it is actually great.


  • The perfume smells amazing.
  • Goes well on the man.
  • It is strong perfume but not all over powering.


  • The heavy perfume might be a source of problem for certain people. But this choice is totally substantial.

Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Glow By Jennifer Lopez For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces-9This is another much celebrated celebrity perfume that has made its own place among the customers world over. Jennifer Lopez is known for her style and this scent is an example of it. The bottle itself tells the story of sophistication it holds. The has mix of vanilla scents and citrus accords also the addition of musk in the perfume in the same gives it the sexy touch that this actor and pop star has in herself. It is perfect for women of all ages but the older crowd will definitely like it more. If you are in search of signature scent then consider this one.


  • The perfume is fresh as well as clean.
  • It is perfect for all ages.
  • The smell is fabulous.
  • It lasts for quite longer duration.


  • The price of the perfume is a bit high, but buying the same from an online outlet might not hurt much.

Sean John Unforgivable Woman Scent Spray

Unforgivable Woman By Sean John For Women Parfum Spray, 4.2-Ounces-10This scent is sexy and fresh and with the right combination of everything. Women love this perfume and records say it. It is very popular among the customers and reason being simple it smells like a dream. The scent is an everyday purpose scent. The moment you will put a dash of this scent your boyfriend or partner will go gaga over how good you smell.


  • It smells amazing.
  • Men love this perfume.
  • It is a compliment fetcher.
  • Perfect for daily purpose.
  • It isn’t overpowering.


  • For some of the customers the price of the perfume was a bit of issue.

The Essence David & Victoria Beckham for men

David Beckham The Essence Eau de Toilette Spray for Men 2.5 Ounce-11When it comes to celebrity perfumes then how can anybody miss a perfume which is for men and both best selling at the same time? The scent is a creation of former English footballer David Beckham and his spice Girl Wife Victoria Beckham. This scent is mirror image of the stylish celebrity couple they are and represent the same in every possible way. The scent gives out the feel of energy that this couple holds in them. It was introduced to the world in the year of 2012 and since then have acquired a place in the hearts of million worldwide. This scent is a mixture of the notes such as the opening notes gives away the scent of lavender, grapefruit and leave of the violet. The heart gives away the freshness of apple, pineapple and cardamom. The base notes are made with Patchoulli, cashmere and Tonka bean. It is a hands down male fragrance and is perfcet for all ages.


  • It is fresh fragrance.
  • It is made for the summer.
  • Perfect for men of all ages.
  • It is not long lasting.


  • Not a great scent for any night escapades.

The list mentioned above had some of the best selling celebrity perfume available in the market. These perfumes are very popular thanks to the way they smell. Just the manufacturer of most of the perfumes urges its customer to keep one simple thing in mind and that is that long lasting capacity of the perfume might vary from individual to individual and due to variety of factors. An individual’s body chemistry, diet, mood and stress level, age and even the medicines they are taking can affect the smell of the perfume. So, next time when you are about to buy a perfume but want to be that of a celebrity’s then consider the perfumes mentioned in the list above.


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