Six Great Sandalwood Cologne for Men


When it comes to finding a good cologne for the man who likes sandalwood, it can be difficult to find on that combines the right scents. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood

    Taylor of Old Bond Street

    Taylor of Old Bond Street boasts: “A small splash on the wrists, or behind the ears, or on the neck are usually enough. Don’t put any on your face or clothes. If you expect to be having a beautiful woman whispering in your ear tonight at a party, put the cologne behind your ears. She won’t be able to resist.”

    This is the most clear, refined, classic sandalwood scent on the market. The fragrance is subtle and conservative, yet it lasts until you wash it off. If you truly love the scent, it doesn’t just come in cologne, but also bath products and shaving cream.

    Taylor of Old Bond Street or TOBS to those in the know, has been around for nearly twenty years and shows no sign of stopping.

  • Caswell-Massey – Sandalwood Cologne Spray

    Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Cologne Spray

    Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Cologne Spray
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    The Caswell-Massey Sandalwood cologne describes itself as: “The sumptuous fragrance of gardens of maharajahs and maharanis are fragranced by the rare sandalwood tree. The scent is as intriguing as India itself, and equally suited to men and women Rich sandalwood fragrance is known for its long lasting scent.”

    This is truly one of those scents where a little goes a very long way, and it will definitely spread to whatever you wear or touch for the day. If you are a man looking for a distinctive scent that someone will smell and instantly know it’s you, this is definitely the one for you!

    Much like other sandalwood products, this one is available in toiletries as well – including bar soap.

  • Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne

    Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne

    Of its Bora Bora cologne, Liz Claiborne says: Fragrance notes: cedarwood, lime and sandalwood. Recommended use: daytime.

    Liz Claiborne is a name synonymous with quality and long last products. This product is somewhat different from the other scents found in this category. This one has a slight citrusy-spicy blend that makes it quite unique.

    Truly for a man who thinks of himself as exotic, this scent is not one to be missed. You will want to go sparingly, as a little goes a very long way. If you want to splurge, also stock up on the lotion or body wash that comes in the set.

  • Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    Geoffrey Beene says of its scent: Introduced in 1976. Fragrance notes: orange, lemon, bergamot, oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli. Recommended use: romantic.

    Grey Flannel is a heavy masculine scent with tones of musk, wood and burnt citrus. It has a heavy, dark, tweedy, burnt forest texture. This is a heavy perfume with a very strong scent which will cling to you all day. This scent will not go away until you wash it away.

    You will either hate this classic perfume or just love it. There is no middle ground. Grey Flannel has a texture and aroma that is distinctively unique. For the man who loves it, the scent will be a lifelong favorite.

  • Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden

    Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden

    Many people do not know that Elizabeth Arden has a line for men, and that is a shame because it is of the best quality. This is definitely a classic, and of it Elizabeth Arden says: Introduced in 1957. Fragrance notes: warm and woodsy. Recommended use: evening.

    This is the scent that the men of Park Avenue and 1950s Hollywood romances wore – clean, crisp, classic.

    The scent is a little heavier than the traditional scent, and it will last as long as you need it to.

  • Crabtree and Evelyn Indian Sandalwood

    Crabtree and Evelyn Indian Sandalwood

    Of their cologne, Crabtree and Evelyn say: The classic scent of sandalwood, distilled from the trunk of the Santalum album, has been revered for thousands of years. Master perfumers agree that the best quality oil comes from the Indian province of Mysore. The aroma from this particular sandalwood is loved for its rich, woody character.

    Fragrance: In this classic scent the rich aroma of sandalwood is blended with notes of spicy cypress, bergamot, lavender and vetiver.

    This scent is not as overwhelmingly masculine as the others, but instead is very light and airy.

Sandalwood is one of the most popular base notes for men’s cologne. Sandalwood is an essential oil found in many cosmetic products because it is masculine and strong, but not overpowering. Many think it is “what a man is supposed to smell like.” Choosing your cologne is important, because often we judge others based on how we smell. A man who smells like sandalwood is a man who will stand the test of time and stand out among the crowd.

Sandalwood is best described as a “woody” scent that takes us back to nature and drives women wild. Still, there is a hint of sweetness to the woody scent, which is what drags us back for another smell. Wearing a great smelling fragrance like sandalwood is almost guaranteed to help you in life. In fact, sandalwood is used as an essential oil in spas, massage parlors, and even during haircare appointments.


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