Best Men’s Colognes for the Best Price


Yacht Man – RedYacht Man Red by Myrurgia

This cologne is very reasonable at around $7 per bottle. A German made brand, it is unexpectedly attractive to many. Best worn in the summer months for its fruity, fresh scent that is acclaimed for lasting all day long. The scent can be described as pleasant, sweet and smooth. Great for everyday use and is not overpowering while still maintaining a sense of complexity that is often reserved for higher end perfumes.

Curve Connect for Men by Liz ClaiborneCurve Connect by Liz Claiborne for Men

Curve series of perfume by Liz Claiborne is cheaper than some of the designers other scents but still holds the aroma of expensive design. Scents of semi-sweet tea offer it a uniqueness with notes of sandalwood and tobacco flower. The scent lasts a long time and is appealing for the office. It has a slight hint of sensuality mixed with the smell of fresh air and cedar wood. An easy to wear cologne, nobody is going to know that what you’re wearing is reasonably priced.

Nautica Blue by NauticaNAUTICA BLUE by Nautica

This is one of the best men’s perfumes and a top seller for the most reasonable price. It’s easy for any man to wear and it’s clean and light. If you like to have a slight scent without it being overpowering in any way, this is perfect. Young men confidently use this for it’s subtleties and it’s often their induction into the world of cologne. For the price, it’s non offensive and smells like an expensive cologne.

Thallium by Jacques Evard

Thallium Eau De Toilette Spray Men

As one of the top rated colognes in the world, it comes with a cheap price tag. It’s one of those colognes that could be so much more expensive. Long lasting complex notes that are masculine, fresh and sexy. This fragrance has body and depth that comes often in the high end range. It is used by celebrities and is raved about by women. There are few things in life where you get more than what you paid for.

Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff

This is considered one of the best cheap men’s perfume that has long been a favorite and one of the best values for your dollar. It’s strong enough to last all day long and has been one of the favorite scents for women. It’s fresh and boasts depth with scents of lavender and jasmine balanced out with musk and sandalwood. The fragrance is sexy, flirty and adventurous.

Pinuad Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum

Perhaps rated one of the best fragrances at a cheap price for it’s all purpose nature. It’s actually an aftershave but due to it’s appeal, it doubles as an all day cologne. A splash on the face in the morning and you are awake and rejuvenated. Skin will be refreshed and tones with the exotic spices and essence. The smell is strong and spicy, making it full of masculinity which drives women crazy. The old style barber style bottle is appealing and decorative.


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