Best Men’s Cologne To Attract Women


Men wear cologne for many different reasons that can include inspiring a sense of confidence or simply to help them smell better. One of the most common and popular reason for men to wear cologne is to help them attract women. Certain scents are alluring and sensual, and can even help to create a sense of romance. If you have been wondering what the best men’s colognes for attracting women are, we have put together a brief review of five of our personal favorites. Each of these great smelling colognes are guaranteed to help you add some romance to your life.

5 Men’s Colognes that Women Love

L’homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent for Men

L'homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent for MenThis complex men’s cologne has woody, floral and accords of musk to give it a naturally fresh fragrance that is also sensual and romantic. It is designed to showcase your many sides, and all of the hidden layers of your personality. It is a light and sensual men’s fragrance that is perfect for candle light dinners, and romantic dancing. With a faint hint of the exotic Orient, this men’s cologne will draw her in and keep her guessing.

Top notes: ginger, lemon, and bergamot
Middle notes: white pepper, basil, violet leaf, and assorted spices
Bottom notes: Tahitian vetiver, cedar, and tonka bean


  • Opens with the sensual and alluring scent of ginger and mixed spices for a provocative hint of mystery.
  • The refreshing scent of lemon and bergamot will keep you energized all day.
  • This men’s cologne has a sophisticated and sensual edge that makes it ideal for mature gentlemen, and romantic dates.
  • With good silage and longevity you and your date can enjoy the romantic and alluring fragrance of this cologne all night.


  • The citrus scent of this cologne may be to “fresh” for some men, who prefer a more earthy fragrance.
  • While it does has moderate projectivity it can be overshadowed by stronger scented men’s and women’s fragrances.
  • Inexperienced cologne users can accidentally apply too much of this light romantic men’s fragrance.

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for Men

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for MenThere has always been something special about the iconic Polo logo, and this also goes for this aromatic fougere. You’ll love how the bright blue glass bottle looks on your countertop, and the refreshing citrus scent will never let your evening go stale. While the fruity notes keep the men’s cologne from becoming too heavy, the warm sensual wood fragrance is comforting and alluring. This men’s cologne is perfect for outdoor dates, especially when you want to get closer.

Top notes: cucumber, mandarin orange, and melon
Middle notes: sage, basil, and geranium
Bottom notes: suede, musk, and assorted warm woodsy notes


  • Ideal men’s fragrance for chilly afternoons and romantic weekends.
  • The citrus and cucumber notes will keep you feeling fresh and confident.
  • It features a natural woodsy scent is ideal for any outdoor setting.
  • With moderate longevity the fresh fragrance will last throughout your day or evening.


  • Some men feel that this cologne is too light scented to truly display their masculinity.
  • It has a lower silage rating than other men’s fragrances and is easily overpowered by stronger scents.
  • It has been mentioned that this version of Polo smells similar to some of the other men’s cologne’s in the Ralph Lauren line.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male By John Paul Gaultier For MenThis complex male fragrance is masculine, sensual, romantic, and bold all skillfully mixed together in unique packing. The tastefully designed masculine bottle is styled after the male torso, and makes an interesting addition to your cologne collection. This unique cologne is meant to be worn by a confident man who is not afraid to draw attention to his individuality. This aromatic fragrance draws women in, and holds them under its sensual spell. Ideal for almost any intimate occasion, it is a cologne that celebrates all of a man’s unique and complex personality.

Top notes: lavender, mint, and bergamot
Middle notes: cumin, cinnamon, and orange blossom
Bottom notes: tonka bean, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood


  • This men’s cologne is extremely well rated for longevity.
  • Romantic notes of lavender mingle seamlessly with the alluring and sensual base of the fragrance.
  • It is a complex cologne best suited for confident men
  • The uniquely designed bottle makes an interesting addition to your cologne collection, or can be displayed by itself.


  • It is priced higher than some men’s colognes which might not make it affordable for all budgets.
  • The complex, layered fragrance is best suited for older men, and not younger boys.
  • While the cologne is rated for heavy silage, this also means that it is easy to over apply it.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men

Obsession Cologne by Calvin Klein ReviewWarm and spicy, this men’s cologne is perfect for romantic dinners and evenings spent by the fire. It is a more subtle men’s fragrance, though it is not lacking in complexity. The scents are layered to give the cologne an alluring and sensual appeal, without becoming heavy or overpowering with the aroma of musk. This cologne is for men who are comfortable with their softer side, and enjoy spending romantic evenings with their partners.

Top notes: tangerine, lime, grapefruit, and bergamot
Middle notes: nuts, lavender, coriander, and cinnamon
Bottom notes: sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, benzoin, and amber


  • A warm and seductive men’s cologne, it is designed to be couples closer together.
  • It has an excellent rating for longevity and silage, making this cologne an excellent value for your money.
  • While it is a subtle and intimate cologne, it also has plenty of layers for the more discerning gentlemen.
  • Introduced in the 1980’s, it has proven itself as a top rated men’s cologne.


  • With its heavy silage rating it is easy to apply too much of this cologne.
  • Its light floral scent might not be ideal for all personalities.
  • The warmer base notes can often be lost in the stronger citrus scents.

Guess Seductive Men by Guess

Guess Seductive For MenThe scent of warm amber is alluring and sensual while the sweeter notes gives this men’s cologne a more romantic side. It is designed to be worn by men who are charming and seductive, and its exotic and sensual scent helps to highlight these traits. The cologne is meant to be noticed and to entice people closer, which is ideal for meeting your perfect woman. It is a complex male fragrance that is hard to classify, just like the man who chooses to wear this seductive cologne.

Top notes: pink pepper, mandarin pulp, cardamom milk
Middle notes: violet leaf, vetiver, and vanilla orchid
Bottom notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, and patchouli


  • Has aromatic and fougere notes for an alluring fragrance that draws women in.
  • This men’s cologne has a good rating for longevity so you can feel fresh and confident longer.
  • It features a unique, exotic fragrance that is difficult to ignore, and is best suited for confident and charming men.
  • The cologne has a complex and sometimes mysterious fragrance that is ideal for date night, and romantic evenings.


  • This strong scented cologne can be easily over applied, and can become overpowering in enclosed spaces.
  • Its changing fragrance might not suit all personalities.
  • Some of the cologne’s scents may occasionally clash with some women’s perfumes.

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