Best Fragrance for Women Voted by Men


Women love to express themselves, especially to the opposite sex. A woman knows she can’t just bear all of herself immediately and part of the game is to make him work for it. So when a perfume can allure a man to work for her attention and conversation, it has done it’s precise job. A woman tells a man through her scent that she’s playful, sensual, sweet or spicy and leaves it up to him to decide. There are certain scents for women that make men stop talking to their friends or work mates and look up. These were the best fragrances for women as voted by men. Based on their appeal, strength, lasting impression and complexity, men spill on what scents they love the most on a woman.

Bamberry Perfume for Women

What men love most about this fragrance is the sheer femininity it exposes in the woman who wears it. Intoxicatingly contemporary, it tells a man this woman has class and is worth the effort to know her. Top notes of tangerine and tree sap with lower notes of wild rose and peach blossom. There is a sweetness coupled with a freshness and at the basement, the low notes give a lingering scent of cedar and sandalwood. The overall scent is fresh and relaxed like a late spring day.

Gucci (New) by Gucci

Men voted for this fragrance based on the sexy essence it eludes to. An impossible scent to ignore, there are top notes of guava and pear with central or heart notes of tahitian flower. At the base of the scent are deeply earthy delights such as patchouli and musk. An intensely elegant perfume dedicated to the night. Women that wear this perfume out on a date or girls night out will be noticed and approached by men she has intrigued multiple times.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

While many men are often seduced by the sensuality of a musky perfume, there are men who love a princess. They like the essence of sweetness and spoilage that some women have. This luxurious perfume brings together various flowers with vanilla and a small dose of sandalwood. The fragrance equates to sweet with a bit of down to earth, a combination men tend to gravity towards. It’s very feminine and yet finishes off with scents of tobacco leaving a man completely intrigued by the mystery that stands before him.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior for Women

Men have loved the powerful and sexy scents of Dior perfume through the decades. Hypnotic Poison may be the pinnacle of intense sensuality that Dior has delivered so far. It’s mysterious and takes men on a journey of the senses. The bitter almond notes couples with jasmine, cinnamon and vanilla are contrasts that keep a man guessing. Men love a woman that makes them think and this perfume will certainly do that.

Black Orchid by Tom FordTom Ford Black Orchid

Men celebrate a woman that is sensual and this cologne exudes that emotion to a ‘t.’ The patchouli and sandalwood combined with chocolate, ylang-ylang and other intense notes creates a myriad of emotions within. It’s sexy, sweety, provocative notes all combined create the excitement of things to come. It is mystery and familiar all at the same time with scents unfolding one after the other.


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