How to Choose the Best Everyday Cologne for Men


There are scents that are best worn on special occasions, family gatherings, a special date, a reunion, office work, and some classify as everyday cologne. What is everyday cologne? It is something that can be used anywhere and everywhere for anything and everything. When we think of every day fragrances we assume daytime; which means we must look and smell fresh. We think that fragrance can be worn every day especially when the smell is not too strong and overwhelming. With that, we have compiled an awesome list for all perfume enthusiasts out there. These which we have chosen are what to look for in best everyday colognes for men.

L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake for Men

Issey Miyake really is a trusted brand and is growing big time in the industry. What a great way to smell every day. It is known to be best used on evenings but the truth is it is worn any time for anything, which is why it landed on our list. It smells youthful but sophisticated; layers of citrus and woody spice. Not too overwhelming but enough to catch the attention of people and just have that feeling like “hey, I smell good.” Men show off more than you can imagine.

Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff for men Colognes

Just even mentioning the name cool water makes us feel all cool and refreshed. That’s what it really does actually; it is a fresh and simple yet masculine scent. Men love it, women love it, We love it. What’s not to like? When you get a package of this cologne, it feels like you just want to douse yourself in it for coolness. Top notes for this fragrance is mint, lavender, rosemary and great musk. This is the perfect every day cologne for men. Best recommended use for it is daytime because everybody wants to feel cool.

AQVA Cologne by Bvlgari for men Colognes

Bvlgari is one of those famous, top of the line brands and they never stop making amazing products. We can’t argue with that; it’s a fact. Consumers always think that just because it is a well-known brand then they might make fragrances only for special occasions and for the rich and famous. We beg to disagree. This AQVA Cologne deserves a spot here. It is an everyday cologne because as special as it is, it has very fresh tones which makes it a best choice for summer, and anything you wear on summer can always be worn in anytime of the year. Moreover, it is known for having the long lasting staying power. With that manly spice, work mates and friends will always have the time to stop and take a sniff of your fabulous accessory, the Aqva scent.

Dolce & Gabbana By Dolce & Gabbana For Men

Dolce & Gabbana for men has been in the market for years and is known for being fresh and classy. That is what is important for everyday perfumes. Classy, as you should be every day and fresh as you should be known for every day. Some men are using this ‘til today and have not changed their perfume since finding this product. What is good about it is it doesn’t have that overwhelming scent that mixes in with your stressful daily affairs. It is the scent that stays longer with you for a healthy mood and feeling fresh all day long. It is worth its price and it’s citrus spice can do favors for you.


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