The Best Colognes For Him By Armani


It is impossible to review all of designer Giorgio Armani’s men’s fragrances in one article, and it is even harder to pick his best. In over thirty years the renowned designer has released over 106 men’s and women’s colognes that are as unique as the people that wear them. For 2014 the House of Armani did release a new men’s fragrance that is rapidly becoming one of the year’s favorites. Along with this year’s new Armani cologne for men we decided to review a few of our picks for the best perfumes for men by the versatile fashion designer.

Best Colognes for Men By Armani

Aqua di Gio by Armani

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio ArmaniThe men’s version of this aquatic fragrance is bold, spicy, and masculine, while still blending the refreshing crispness of the salty sea air. The complex fragrance has main notes of tangy citrus and refreshing ocean breezes that are mingled with the sharper notes of rosemary, and nutmeg. The base notes of cool water and warm amber give the men’s fragrance a warm sensual appeal.

Attitude by Armani

Attitude by ArmaniEven the packaging has attitude with its attached flip top that resembles an expensive lighter. This masculine fragrance is perfect for older men, and has a warm spicy scent that is also sensual. The top notes of the cologne are coffee and Sicilian lemon, while the middles scents of lavender and cardamom are soft and inviting. The base notes are what gives this men’s fragrance its sensual appeal, and include the warms scents of amber and cedar that are mixed with exotic patchouli and oppopanax. It is a sophisticated cologne that tells everyone you are a man with confidence.

Emporio Armania City Glam for Him

Emporio Armania City Glam for HimCreated in 2005 for the energetic and successful man in the city, it is a youthful cologne that is fresh and aromatic. It is the best cologne for teenagers and younger men who want to show the world that they are well on their way to being successful. You will first smell the energy in the release of the notes of peppermint that are mingled with the citrusy hint of oranges. The middle notes consist of ginger and galangal, while the base notes are a sexy blend of white musk and vetiver. While it is an energetic and youthful cologne, it features a complexity that is often missing in other fragrances for young men.

Prive Cologne for Men by Armani

Prive Cologne for Men by ArmaniOne of the best selling men’s colognes, it is a warm and spicy fragrance that is also masculine and sensual. It has been a personal favorite of men of all ages since its introduction in 2004, and is even preferred by Giorgio Armani. The simple cologne is dark, rich, and woody, and includes only five main ingredients to give the perfume its sensual smell. The blend of spices, vetiver, incense and special woods are blended with labdanum for a unique fragrance that will never be forgotten.

Armani Eau d’Aromes for Men

Armani Eau d'Aromes for MenThis is the newest men’s cologne from Armani and was just introduced this year in time for the 2014 holiday season. It is a spicy men’s fragrance that has also blended in woodsy fall notes. The top notes are refreshing with mandarin orange and bergamot, while the patchouli and ginger add a touch of masculine spice. The base notes are sage, vetiver, and cardamom which give the new men’s cologne a sexy appeal that is perfect for romantic evenings. It is one of the best colognes for older men, and is one of the fragrances that should be included in every fragrance collection.


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