The Best Celebrity Inspired Fragrances


Celebrity inspired fragrances have been popular since Elizabeth Taylor introduced her sensuous White Diamond perfume, and these colognes and perfumes can make you feel like a star. These fragrances are artistic, unique, and often have a sublime scent that sets them apart from traditional brands. With each fragrance inspired the unique personality of the celebrity, no two are ever alike. While there are several celebrity inspired fragrances that will make you feel elegant and glamorous, there are a few colognes and perfumes that have the unforgettable fragrance of fame and stardom.

Best Fragrances Inspired by Celebrities

Usher For Men by Usher

Usher For Men by UsherFresh, masculine, and inspired by the creative artist there is nothing common about this men’s cologne. It has a refreshing aquatic scent that mingles with the warmer aroma of sandalwood, followed by earth and citrus notes. It is a simple fragrance that still manages to be complex, much like the man that wears it.

Top notes: sea water, citrusy notes, and nutmeg
Middle notes: nutmeg, bay leaf, and basil
Bottom notes: Artemisia, guaiac wood, cashmere and sandalwood


  • The refreshing aquatic and citrus scent is ideal for small spaces and outdoor occasions.
  • It has good longevity, and a softer silage that is never overpowering.
  • The fragrance is deceptively complex, much like the celebrity that created it.
  • With its affordable price, anyone can feel like a star with this men’s cologne.


  • The poor silage makes it easy for this cologne to be overpowered by stronger scents.
  • While the refreshing scent lingers for hours, it may lack the body that same men are looking for in a cologne.


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely by Sarah Jessica ParkerThis is the first celebrity perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker, and it is light, charming and recognizable fragrance is modern and timeless. It is an elegant fragrance meant  to make a woman feel special, and the perfume was carefully created to appeal to all generations. Sealed in a beautiful glass bottle, this is one of the best celebrity inspired perfumes of the year.

Top notes: nectarine, rosewood, bergamot, and lavender
Middle notes: white orchid and daffodil, along with the scent of apple martini
Bottom notes: cedar, woody scents, white musk and amber.


  • The floral notes are not overpowering, and the lavender gives this perfume a soft, romantic appeal.
  • When the notes are blended together it leaves an intimate fragrance that is instantly recognizable.
  • Both classic and modern, this perfume will appeal to all women.
  • It has good longevity and silage.

  • Unlike other fragrances, there really are not any negatives to this refreshing women’s perfume. It was skillfully and carefully created to appeal to women of all generations and personalities.

Still by Jennifer Lopez

Still by Jennifer LopezShe is always surprising her fans, and her perfume is not any different. While many people automatically assume that her fragrance would reflect her sex appeal, instead it has a clean and fresh aroma. While the perfume’s main accords may be green notes, Jennifer has also managed to give her fragrance a feminine sensuality. Just like her, this perfume will continue to surprise and entice.

Top notes: mandarin, white pepper, sake notes, and Earl Grey tea
Middle notes: rose, freesia, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, and lily-of-the-valley
Bottom notes: musk, sandalwood, orris, amber, and pepper



  • It is a warm and sensual perfume that is also fresh and romantic.
  • With is clean and feminine fragrance it can be worn for almost any occasion.
  • This perfume has a good rating for longevity and silage.
  • The elegant decanter makes a beautiful addition to your perfume collection.


  • The greener notes may be too strong for some women.
  • While this perfume does have a good silage rating, it can still be overpowered by stronger fragrances.


Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid

Lady Gaga Fame Black FluidIt is only fitting that this women’s fragrance is as striking and shocking as its creator. Inspired by Lady Gaga, the first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous black and gold bottle. The uniquely designed bottle holds a fragrance that is just as spectacular, and it will definitely get you noticed when you wear it. Even though it is a dark and sensual perfume, it has an aromatic base that makes ideal for almost any occasion.

Top notes: incense and belladonna flower
Middle notes: apricot and honeydew
Bottom notes: tiger orchid



  • It is a rich and unique fragrance that is easily recognizable, and can be worn as a signature scent.
  • Its lighter floral notes make it ideal for daytime wear, while the darker scents are perfect for a romantic evening.
  • This celebrity inspired perfume has good longevity, and silage.


  • Its darker scents might not appeal to all women.
  • With its good rating for silage, it can be overpowering if too much is applied.


Unforgiveable by Sean John

Unforgiveable by Sean JohnWith its dark and sensual scent, this men’s cologne is unforgettable and instantly recognizable. It mixes the warm and sexy scents of amber and rich woods, with refreshing and mysterious Mediterranean fragrances. It is meant to be worn by a man who is comfortable with who he is, and likes the hint of mystery that surrounds him.

Top notes: birch leaf, green mandarin, tangerine, basil, bergamot, juniper, Sicilian lemon, and grapefruit.
Middle notes: lavender, iris, and clary sage
Bottom notes: amber, Australian sandalwood, tonka bean, cashmere wood, and rum



  • This is a complex men’s fragrance that is ideal for any occasion, and can be worn as a signature scent.
  • It has good longevity and silage to last all day or night.
  • The elegant bottle makes a beautiful gift or can be displayed with the rest of your cologne collection.



  • The complex fragrance of this men’s cologne may not appeal to all men.
  • The rich top and bottom notes can overpower the lighter, more fragrant heart of the cologne.
  • While the silage is good, it may only apply to the fresh, citrusy notes.


There is Always Liz

We felt like we should include Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamond perfume, even though it has been making women feel elegant and beautiful since 1991. It’s incomparable scent is still alluring, and it is hard to find a celebrity inspired fragrance at a better price.

Top notes: bergamot, aldehydes, neroli, lily, and orange
Middle notes: rose, violet, jasmine
Bottom notes: musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and oak moss



  • It is a romantic floral fragrance that is ideal for any occasion.
  • The classic floral scent mingles beautifully with the warm, sensual bottom notes.
  • This women’s perfume has excellent longevity and silage.
  • Is one of the few celebrity inspired perfumes in the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame



  • It is a light, floral fragrance and might not be ideal for colder climates.
  • Some women might feel that the flowery notes are too strong for their tastes.


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