The Best Banana Scented Perfumes that You Can Come Across


Banana ScentedPerfumes define your personal taste and no matter how unique or extra ordinary your tastes are the perfume makers have ventured to cater to all needs. It is a pleasure of the perfume makers to look for new fragrances and update their products in keeping with their personal demands. So if you want your perfume to smell like your favorite fruit banana, no need to shy out or become underestimated because several brands are now coming up this this unique fragrance. So let’s take look at some of the banana scented perfumes that are available in the market.

Demeter Fragrance Library – Banana Flambee Cologne Spray 4oz

This brand produces many unique smelling perfumes among which their banana scent is very popular. It doesn’t smell synthetic and has a pure fruity smell that keeps you feeling refreshed and organic.


  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Non greasy


  • Not to be found any

Banana Premium Grade Fragrance Oil

This is not really a perfume but an oil that you can use in your shower water or sprinkle few drops on your body while going out. You can also use it during a hair wash or make soaps, candles and even a personalized perfume out of it.


  • Easy dropper system
  • Blends fast
  • Only a little amount produces a lasting fragrance


  • No negative feedbacks could be found

Bananas 4 Oz Blue GLASS Bottle of Premium Grade A Essential Oil

This is a very organic scented perfume oil suitable to any skin type. The authentic ripe banana scented oil is purely herbal and may be used as a bath oil, or for perfuming candles, soaps etc.


  • 100% organic and suitable for all skin types
  • Lightweight and non-greasy


  • Doesn’t last long

Banana Perfume Oil

A classic handmade perfume oil that is portable owing to its roller ball system. A skin friendly organic product with a pure smell of ripe banana that can be used as a perfume for any occasion.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No alcohol or artificial dye is present in it
  • No preservatives
  • Skin friendly and dermatologically tested


  • No negative feedbacks are found against it

So now all the banana lovers, time to revel because your favorite perfume is no more the hardest thing to find on the face of the earth, with these above products you can now indulge in your personal choice of banana scented perfumes.


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