Banana Republic Cologne Review

Banana Republic have lots of products on the fragrance market. You know you’re getting something reliable and dependable with Banana Republic and the great thing is that it produces products for both men and women. Some of their products are unisex too. Banana Republic Classic is truly a classic. It’s a unisex fragrance created in 1995 by Jean-Claude Delville. It’s been around for over 22 years which is a testimony to its quality and popularity. This cologne is definitely a fresh one. Like most colognes aiming for freshness it relies on citrusy notes in order to provide that effect. The citrusy notes found in Banana Republic Classic are bergamot, grapefruit, Clementine, and green notes. It also has a few notes that give it a clean scent and aroma such as honeysuckle and syringa. Finally its base notes are a little darker so that they tone down the freshness and citrusy notes.

This is a great fragrance as it suits both men and women at almost all occasions. You can wear this on your way to church, to work, to college, or even if you’re going to get a few things from the grocery shop. It keeps you smelling fresh and clean. It also has great longevity as it can last over 6 hours. People will definitely enjoy being around you as you project freshness and cleanliness like you just hopped out of the shower 5 minutes ago.

As with most citrusy perfumes this is also most suited for summer and spring use. The citrus would just be out of place during the colder months of the year and you probably won’t draw too many compliments. If you wear it when you’re supposed to though, it’ll work great for you. It’ll give you the energy to go on with your day feeling fresh and up to any task while those around you slowly sink into exhaustion and start counting the minutes. The bottle design is fairly minimalistic while staying elegant. It costs a little over 20 dollars which is not considered expensive at all considering how often you can wear it and that it has excellent longevity so you won’t need to keep spraying it over and over again throughout the day.

Banana Republic Classic Cologne Notes

Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, Clementine, green notes
Middle notes: honeysuckle, syringa
Base notes: ginger, woodsy notes, musk


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