Avril Lavigne Perfume: Her Fragrances Are as Good as She Sings


The Canadian pop star named Avril Lavigne is one of the famous teenage pop stars that have ruled the world for her breathtaking songs and voice. Her first album was named “Let go” which made her an instant hit in the music world. The next album which gave her the emerging star of the 21st century was the top ranked album named, “Complicated”. It was the best-selling album in the Canadian single in the year of 2002. It sold sixteen million copies worldwide that particular year and made her way in to 8 Grammy awards that year, what and achievement!

Her achievement list is so big that it won’t end up in a single day. But this pop star didn’t just rest with the achievements in music but also had made many such contributions in the world of perfumery. Her style reflects in the perfume she brought in to the world. She in the partnership of Proctor and Gamble brought a line of perfumes that became famous just like her hit singles. The first perfume that was introduced by her to the world was Black star in the year of 2009 followed by the Forbidden Rose in the year of 2010 and later with Wild Rose in the year of 2011. Among these three perfumes the Black Star won Cosmetics Executive Women award for being the best women scent in the year of 2010.

We will bring you an exclusive review of the three fragrances of Avril Lavigne for the customers who are willing to add these perfumes in their collection. To know more about the same all you need to do is scroll down to the below mentioned paragraphs for further information.

Black Star Avril Lavigne for women

AVRIL LAVIGNE BLACK STAR by Avril Lavigne for WOMEN  EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1 OZ-1This is the first perfume from the line of Avril Lavigne perfumes. The perfume was introduced to the world in the year of 2009. The main accord that makes up the perfume is sweet and which is followed by the smell of fruity, cacao and floral tones. The main notes of the perfume are black plum, hibiscus and dark Chocolate which makes it a beautiful fragrance. The scent of the perfume is very beautiful followed by the seduction that the purple bottle carries.


  • It smells like a dream.
  • It is perfect for all seasons.
  • An ideal perfume for the day.
  • It is soft and clean.
  • The lasting capacity of the perfume is moderate.


  • The sillage of the perfume was not that impressive for some customers.

Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce-2The main accord that makes up the fragrance of the perfume is fruity notes followed by the sweetness of vanilla and floral tones. The fragrance came in to the market in the year of 2010 and since then have been a bang on hit. The bottle of this perfume shows how mysterious the perfume can be. It is fastened with a stopper that is of a black rose. The bottle comes in alluring purple color that in itself is very intense. The perfume is a mixture of floral, woody and fruity notes which is the perfect tones for a feminine fragrance. This is a magical fragrance that is loved by the female crowd well.

The opening notes that make up the perfume are apple which is considered as forbidden apple (thanks to the biblical story of Adam and Eve). It further has the seduction of white peach and Bourbon vanilla which makes it smells like a dream. The heart of the fragrance opens with the fresh notes of Green Apple, lotus and heliotrope. The base notes of the fragrance are the seductive tone of warm vanilla, sandalwood and the fantasy of chocolate. It is a perfect all wear all day perfume which makes it a forbidden territory that you can avoid but explore.


  • It is great for the night and equally for the day.
  • It is clean scent.
  • The perfume is neither too soft nor too hard.
  • The longevity capacity of the perfume is moderate.


  • For some customers the smell of the perfume was a bit fruity. But it is a preference that differs from individual to individual.

Avril Lavigne Eau de Parfum Spray, Wild Rose

Avril Lavigne Eau de Parfum Spray, Wild Rose, 1 Ounce-3This particular perfume was launched in the year of 2011. The main accord of the perfume is sweet and followed by the citrus. It is mysterious just like the Forbidden rose and is equally intense. The main notes of the perfume are fruits such as, pink grapefruit, plum and mandarin. The middle notes of the perfume are the floral notes of blue orchid, frangipani and orange blossom. The base notes of the perfume are musk, crème brulee and Sandalwood which gives the perfume the dreamy tone. It is a day and summer perfume and is equally good for the spring time.


  • It has the capacity to last for a longer period.
  • It is a combination of sweet and fresh.


  • The perfume was bit too sweet for some customers.

These were the three perfumes from the house of Avril Lavigne and are very popular among the customers. Most of the women customers were of the view that all these perfumes reflect the appeal that Avril Lavigne has in her and what makes her so gorgeous. The best part of these perfumes is the bottle in which they come which has won many hearts over the years. So, if you wish to get yourself a celebrity perfume than Avril Lavigne is not a bad choice at all, so go and grab your bottle today!


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